CLOCKS FROM THE CLOCKWant to tell fans about his homemade clock designs-clocks. There is something very home 8 their peaceful ticking, measured swings of the pendulum. In our days, when the hours are not the dials of the scoreboard, and not inside the springs-wheels — electronics, on the shelves still do not lie antiqued clock with weights, moreover with the cuckoo.

So I wanted to have Jodeci. And not store-bought and homemade. Their base was a simple alarm clock. ‘As a rule, all old alarm clocks is broken balance — unit turn. Was no exception and my. However, I was able to run it without balance. After all, the main task was to impart the oscillatory motion of the anchor plug. Decided to do it with… of the pendulum. His role was to play wire Ø 1 mm and plywood disk. From the first length and weight (diameter) of the second depends on the amplitude of the vibrations, so I had to experiment, ensuring the accuracy of the Wire rod secured directly to the anchor plug.
The box-shaped case for wall clock glued plywood in the bottom part broke through the groove under the pendulum.
The mechanism of the clock “Sevani” Yerevan watch factory. One twist of his spring enough for two or more days, however, with the growing backlog. I think that if someone is interested, then the principle itself will be found other ways to set the pendulum used other tools and techniques of the stroke adjustment. One sure — so much design will get a big.
The securing of the pendulum
The securing of the pendulum:
1 — escape wheel, 2 — plug, 3 – rod pendulum 4 — pendulum lens

Forgot to mention the main distinctive feature of such clocks they retained important characteristics of the mechanism — if necessary, we can Wake you up at a set time.

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