CRADLE IN THE COUNTRYYour family decided to spend vacation in the country, together with a small child. In “the case just need to take care about a comfortable sleeping place for him. Can konechno, to bring from the city a normal cot. But it is much better in a rural house will look made by hand, in the “rustic style”.

The design consists of two main parts: the base and cot-CRO fleece. For their manufacture it is desirable to use hardwoods — oak or beech. Well you kurennyi and covered with clear furniture varnish details are very elegant and also durable.
Assembly of elements is carried out “in spike”, with the use of casein glue. The bottom of the bassinet is cut out of plywood with a thickness of 6 mm. For fastening with two support bars mounted on the screws in the lower parts of the end walls.
So the cradle can rock in the upper parts of the vertical supports of the stand are samples of a special form which are placed in the smooth part of the axle bolts MB. The junction pillars with horizontal pillars is enhanced by kerchiefs.
Baby bed-cradle:
1 – Support horizontal, 2 – scarf, 3 – strut, 4 -, 5 – holder, 6 – screw, 8 – curved base, 9 – bottom, 10 – screw 11 – support rail, 12 – element “lattice”, 13 – the top end wall, a 14 – element lattice, 15 – top side-wall 16 nut M6, 17 – ribadeneira 6 mm, 18-bushing 19 – bolt M6.
In “goal Aries cots to the stoic crest pitsa G shaped holder nachke tulle or gauze to protect the child from insects.

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