PADDLE WHEELS...It’s amazing — currently none of our rivers has not remained exotic steamers with paddle wheels, and any boy youngsters will surely be able to tell how these look! There is something unusually attractive in this ancient technique.

To immerse yourself in the romance of bygone days and observe the slow movement of the steamer, followed by measuring slipanie of PLIC on the water, it is not necessary to be able to build larger ships. Enough… skills acquired in school lessons. For students we offer development models with paddle wheels created by the readers of Czech magazine “ABC”.
Design micropractice so simple that does not require detailed description — all will become clear if you carefully get acquainted with the drawings. We will focus only on the number of technical features which it is useful to consider when building Prokopii (it should be noted that external forms of the model resembles a real ship that went at the beginning of our century on the river Vltava).
A model of vessel rowing with the wheel drivers
Model of ship with propeller propulsion wheel:
1 — imitation of the body (paper or tin), 2 — base (a wooden plate or plywood), 3 — cover (plate or plastic sheet), 4 — cutting (paper or tin), 5 — pipe, 6 — bracket, main shaft (thick tin or brass), 7 — a steering wheel (plate), 8 — roller, 9 — thread of the actuator (a thin nylon cord or fishing line Ø 0.2—0.3 mm), 10 — rubber motor (tape section 1×2 mm), 11 — main shaft (steel knitting needle Ø 2 mm), 12 — pin attachment of the rubber motor, 13 — hub (dense foam or cork), 14 — plica (thick sheet).
In part 11 prior to Assembly need to napati two tin washers Ø 8 mm to limit the zone of winding of the filament drive.

As in any other moving models, in that the main attention should be given to the work on the propulsion system. All moving parts, including both rollers should rotate freely even under loading from the stretched rubber motor and drive thread. The latter may be the only nylon fishing line or thin cord in the ideal case, the maximum plant rubber motor must match only a single row winding of the thread on the main shaft. The second row of coils junk — with it the steamer will not only become a “two speed”, but also inefficient: first, the most power the coils of the plant will go into sudden cranking paddle wheels, pointless spray water and the movement of the model will begin only after the deceleration. In addition, the guiding thread should be in the smallest cross-section and is quite durable.
After manufacture of all parts before Assembly must be thoroughly impregnate wood, paper and cardboard items with warm linseed oil (preferably twice) and then, after drying, cover them with oil paints or enamels in bright colors. Final Assembly is carried out in two or three days, when the last paint layer becomes full hardness. In the end, it is useful to apply enamel on metal parts. Successful launches!

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