CUTTER Remember PushPull fabulous animal which could jump not only forward but also backward, because instead of a tail he had a second head? About it can not help reminiscent of the original bilateral cutter, manufactured by the innovators of the Gorky machine-tool production Association. Tool on a conventional tool holder has two cutting inserts mounted on carbide lining and is mounted to the top clamps. Under the clamps located struzhkolomy.


Another distinctive feature is the orientation of the triangular inserts of MS mullocracy OT with a shift of 0.5 mm, which allowed to combine on a single holder, as such, the two cutter boring and pass.
Bilateral cutter:
1 — holder, 2 — mounting bolts with clamps, 3 — struzhkolomy, 4 — inserts.

Thus you will save a lot of time on auxiliary operations, as it does not require rotation of the toolholder.
Bilateral tool is designed for fine turning external cylindrical surfaces, bores and for trimming the ends of the parts such as bushings, cups and rings in machine shops of mechanical engineering enterprises. The cutter is designed for application of high-speed cutting conditions, in combination with other advantages provides a considerable economic effect from implementation into production.

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