DAY - CHAIR, EVENING, BEDIn a country house, summer cottage, which are usually only in the warm season, soft furnishings not tolerate the cold winter time. Spring core it rusts and begins to creak, the foam quickly breaks down, and the pen requires prolonged drying, in the spring, of course, difficult. So it is much better to make such premises a “peasant”, dominated by simple wooden plane. And for softness to use the overhead mattresses and pillows, which would be wintered in a warm apartment. In addition, the wooden parts are easy to decorate with carved or patterned paintings that give the room a special flavor, different from the city.

It is to this option is the proposed chair-bed. It is compiled from smoothly planed boards and plywood planes and consists of three main sections: the actual chairs, the centerpiece and Foundation. They are connected by hinges, the location of which differs from the traditional schemes. Usually auxiliary sections superimposed on a chair or invested in it, and here, on the contrary, the chair after the folding is over the partitions. This is because the side frames of the three sections, located outside relative to the legs and rule out the possibility of another fold. But provide a sort of monolithic folded, so as to rely on each other.
The transformation of the bed into the chair is as follows: first rises the chair behind him moving middle section, and both of them formed, descend to a section of the base. If you lift the upper back, slightly open cavity formed by the frames of the chairs and the centerpiece — it is possible to put the mattress bedding.
Frame all three sections is almost the same — it is a square box of planks 100×10 mm, assembled on the screws with glue. The sidewalls are attached inside the legs, sawn from the same boards. The section-base four of them, they are located in the corners; in the middle section — two are set in the middle of the sidewalls. Actually the chair legs are elongated, while serving uprights of the armrests and backrest, which are connected using plug-in round thorns-peg with casein glue.
Chair bed:
Section 1-chair; 2 — section-mullion; section 3-base; 4 — legs; 5 — leg — front armrest (2); 6 — leg — stand back (2); 7 — armrest; 8 — back; 9 — seat; 10 — stud (6 PCs.).

Inside, the frames have an auxiliary wedges under the plywood plane partitions that fit flush with the frame or with a small (not more than 10 mm) recess for foam mattresses or pillows.
All outer surfaces of the sections are thoroughly roughened with sandpaper and covered with furniture Polish. They will look more attractive if they decorate wooden relief plates and, in the case of coloring the enamels — screen patterns.
p. North,

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