UNIVERSAL TROLLEY FOR TOURISTS-WATER-TRANSPORT WORKERS. Over the years Hobbies boating, we tested several variants of trucks for transportation of kayak and equipment. And the hikes have seen many different portable transport devices. But they all had drawbacks of a constructive nature that prevented equally well use them for short hikes on weekends and on roads and trails difficult trails.

The proposed truck is responsible, in our view, these requirements. It has been tested and in the suburbs, or Hiking in Karelia, where many portages.
Such a trolley can be laid (Fig. 1) two kayaks “salute M-52” Packed each in a package, and near the handles, beneath the straps, and even two tents. With this burden we easily walked to the train and in the car without removing the kayak, put the cart in a vertical position. In the same way, but with wheels that are deployed inside (Fig. 5 B), three tourists easily bring the truck with two kayaks on the rear platform of the bus or trolleybus.
In Karelia, the “Donkey” has Packed it in two kayaks, gear and food for a group of 4— total weight approximately 200 kg. Laying “baggage” is shown in figure 2. Truck well held out on gravel and sand road, pushed by one person, and from station to the place of Assembly of the kayak the distance was about 3 km!
In the Karelian route on the truck had to be carried and conveyed canoe (Fig. 3). So walked a dangerous threshold: the forest path at a distance of 1.5 km. in the cockpit was placed and part of the cargo to the other canoes, passing through the threshold.
Transported the kayak in this form practically one person for Stepney feed unit; the second is the tourist only slightly supported her for the string of the bow. With all types of stowage has used canvas straps: they do not stretch.
Fig. 1. Truck load-longitudinal pack of two kayaks and tents.
Fig. 1. Truck load-longitudinal pack of two kayaks and tents.
Fig. 2. Cross pack of two canoes and equipment.
Fig. 2. Cross pack of two canoes and equipment.
Fig. 3. Transporting disassembled kayaks strapped with cargo.
Fig. 3. Transporting disassembled kayaks strapped with cargo.
Fig. 4. Diagram of the frame — loading platform truck
Fig. 4. Diagram of the frame — loading platforms truck:
1-4 — cross connection, 5 — plugs, 6 — tube, 7 — tube longitudinal platform.
Collapsible trolley consists of a platform (Fig. 4), bearing pad, two wheels with axles, two brackets and harness of canvas straps. In the exploded view wheel bearing and brackets to fit in the bow or stern compartment of a kayak. Platform, Pak a rule, does not understand, and is laid entirely on the keel. Cross links are placed on the frame and diagonally attached to them with ropes. The platform does not interfere with the location of the crew in a kayak, not in contact with the shell.
During long trips in sparsely populated areas due to the large amount of cargo triple kayaks are often used as a double. Then on the trolley platform with the purpose of protection of the shell and frame kayaks fit the heavy and bulky goods (canned food, fire, fishing gear, spare paddles, etc.). Is that the Parking lot is difficult to find spacers for a double tent. Truck helps out here. Remove the screws, remove the cross connection and two pipes with a length of 1.5 m at your service.
The platform uses two dural tube Ø 35 mm and a length of 1500 mm and four pieces of the same pipe with a length of 394 mm. At junctions of pipes with cross connections and brackets backbone (Fig. 4) zapressovyvajutsja dural tube of appropriate diameter with a length of 50 mm. From the ends of the tubes are aluminum plugs (from the 4— a depth of 100 mm, and from 1 —to a depth of 30 mm). 8, the ends of cross ties zapressovyvajutsja dural tube with a length of 40 mm with continuous thread M6. Then at the ends of cross ties are cut or vypressovyvaetsya grooves with a radius of 17.5 mm for a tight connection with the main pipes. In the past, in accordance with the center-to-center distance of drilled holes Ø 6.5—7 mm. After that, the platform is going and that is fixed by 8 screws M6 X 50 with washers.
Carrier bearing truck (Fig. 5) has the form of the letter P with dimensions 429X200 mm. it used For cutting of steel water and gas pipes 3″/4 (outer Ø 26,8, internal Ø 20). Cut one pipe with a length of 429 mm and two pipes at 200 mm. In the last from the axes of the wheels zapressovyvajutsja sleeves with internal Ø16 AZ and a length of 40 mm. the Opposite ends of the pipe are cut at a 45° angle and are joined at a 90° angle and welded together with a blowtorch. To increase stability it is advisable to place pipe connection weld it triangular gusset plate thickness of 5 mm with a weld length of sides 30 mm.
After making pillars mark the bolt holes М8Х80 — to connect it with the platform. On the side of the legs a length of 429 mm from the edges are laid at distances of 70 mm and drilled two holes Ø 8,2 — 8,5 mm (Fig. 5). The same incisions are created and cross connection of the platform (see Fig. 4).
Bracket (Fig. 6) consists of two steel base plates with a thickness of 2 mm, having a radius of curvature of 17.5 mm, two steel angles and a steel 20X20 mm sleeve width 30 mm, outer Ø 34 mm internal and 27 mm. When the details for the two brackets are ready, the long pipes of the platform in both directions from the center of the cross connection at a distance of 270 mm holes are drilled and tapped M6, then fasten the plate screws. For vertical tubes supports at a distance of 170 mm (Fig. 6) are installed and temporarily fixed sleeve. Cut and primatyvajutsja by welding to the base plates and sleeves area. You should pay attention to between the bar and the support tubes platform was maintained a 90°angle.
The undercarriage consists of two wheels and two axles, welded to the pins (Fig. 7); the fingers are mated with each other at an angle of 90°, then the connection of the fingers to boil blowtorch. After cleaning the weld and scale pins are inserted into holes of the uprights of the support and at a distance of 12 mm from the edge is common sorgenia bolt M8. The layout and drilling must be made exactly in the center so when rotating the wheel from position a to position B (Fig. 5) holes of the uprights of the support and fingers match.
To ensure heavy-duty truck and the lightness of the wheel Ø 120 mm made of duralumin (D16) bearing No. 80201 (4 pieces) rim under the camera and the tire model L-155 (12 1/2 X 2 1/4) children’s Bicycle (Fig. 8).
After the axles and the wheels mounted. For each of the journals of the axle shafts (Fig. 7 and 8) fits over the snap ring, “must be mounted on two ball bearing No. 80201, installed washers Ø 18 mm and thickness of 3 mm and М4Х10 screws with countersunk heads are mounted on the axles. The bearings are worn the wheel and are spring rings, VE-32. If not, you can apply the split ring of the same diameter of spring wire Ø 2 mm For the grooves under the ring width of 1.2 mm (Fig. 8) chiseled to a width of 2.1 mm.
Fig. 5. Trolley — front view
Fig. 5. Trolley — front view:
1 — carrier bearing, 2 — riser, 3 — pins with axles, 4 — wheel drive. And — way the position of the wheels, B —transportation.
Fig. 6. View truck bracket
Fig. 6. A view of the truck bracket:
1 —base plate, 2 — corner braces, 3 — bushing, 4 — strut support.

Fig. 7. The design of the pin wheel
Fig. 7. Design king pin wheels:
1 — finger, 2 — axle shaft.
Fig. 8. Scheme truck wheel
Fig. 8. Scheme truck wheel:
1 — disk, 2 — bearing number 80201, 3 — axis, 4 — ring re-32.

After installation of the support (see Fig. 5) with the axes of the wheels and brackets are covered by the yellow nitro. The handlebar and cross connection (see Fig. 4) wrapped red electrical tape. Platform not painted.
The Assembly of the truck is simple, it takes 5-7 mins To the platform with two bolts privertyvaetsja carrier bearing (see Fig. 5). Stands freely on the supports are placed two brackets (see Fig. 6) and four privertyvajutsja screws М8Х30. The racks are inserted pins of the wheels and are fixed with two screws. For Assembly must have a screwdriver and wrench 12Х14.
The tube platform can be used on a kayak “salute M-52” (with appropriate constructive addition) and the mast (see book B. Barkan “300 tips for boats, boats and motors”. L., “Shipbuilding”, 1975).
If you want to have an easier truck for only one kayak, take for the platform of duralumin tubes with a diameter of 26-30 mm.
BEKHTINA V., mechanical engineer

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