Many citizens in the Soviet Union had to pass through the panel, “building”, built in the second half of the last century. These homes are designed for 50 years of operation, will “decorate” not only the settlements that are remote from the capital, but also its surroundings. To get out of them is far from over. So you have to Excel, vykraivaya every square meter of living space.

A feature of many houses in those years is a walk-through room, connected via a doorway with a corridor and a kitchen. On the one hand space and on the other nowhere to put a coveted wardrobe.
To live in malogabaritki, which has several non-standard extensions, happened to the author. One of them is the partition separating the hall, kitchen and passageway chamber. The partition is fairly simple, but sometimes the person who wants to improve housing, waiting for clues. Therefore, the author decided to share his experience.
“Falshstena” is a frame made of wooden beams with a size of 50x50mm or other of similar size.
Bars attached to the ceiling and floor (so as not to spoil them), are mounted only in slots of the side supports, which in turn is fixed to the walls of the apartment with dowels. Since the load on the divider is negligible, then it is only two screws on each side.
The arrangement of bars shown in the drawing. They are connected with lateral supports with screws or with screws flush.
On the right side of the septum provides a doorway the size of 1970×780 mm. That was enough to bring the furniture. After installation of frame walls sheathed it with plywood (and hardboard). If necessary, between the sheathing can be placed acoustic material.
The door is made of sliding, which is very convenient in a small apartment. This allowed to remove the door to the kitchen and hallway, extending living space.

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