ON FIVE One of the problems of those who live in small apartments, a small area of the kitchen. To buy good kitchen set is almost impossible, and to a random set of furniture “fit” in not intended for it, the room, it is better not to dream. Nevertheless, there is a way, if engage in the manufacture of handmade furniture, as did our reader V. Saloed. This prompted the life of the solution allows to equip the kitchen, taking into account individual peculiarities of its plan, decoration and taste of the owner. So the in the drawings, the dimensions should be clarified, and if necessary — and to change under specific conditions.

Thousands of apartments, like mine, have a kitchen with dimensions of approximately 2,3×2,2 m. On this area is very difficult to place the kitchen set, produced by both domestic and foreign enterprises. In addition, the furniture made on a standard project is quite wasteful in the occupancy of space, and this in a small apartment sometimes is of special importance.

The design of the case I tried to eliminate the said inconvenience and to make it meet the requirements of the architecture of “small forms”. The manufacture of the Cabinet did not take much time; it turned out to be strong, durable and easy to operate.
Power of internal “skeleton” made of steel area with a shelf width of 35 mm To the wall the profiles are fastened with the help of nylon dowels and screws, and are joined together by screws М6х20 mm.
The outer side of the frame set wooden strips section mm 20х35 and 20х65 mm that serve as attachment sites piano hinge doors. Door frames are assembled from strips section mm 20х45 spike in traffic in the back at the corners. With the help of glazing beads of window within set of colored patterned glass. On top of the closed Cabinet decorative plate, which may consist of several segments. All wooden parts are covered by furniture Polish.
As shelves to use waste plywood 10 mm thick. They fit into indentations on the corners without any additional bracing — this is another benefit of homemade Cabinet before purchased, noticeable during the harvesting and cleaning of the Cabinet.
In the left part of my closet, over a gas stove is the hood made of galvanized iron. With retractable well it is connected with a pipe Ø 150 mm, with a fan. This whole system allows you to remove steam and odors while cooking.
A good addition to the closet is an open wall shelf. It is designed to accommodate the most popular cooking devices and spices. The size of the shelves can be arbitrary depending on the amount of disposable items on it.
The set to the wardrobe is good to make a homemade table or a Cabinet under the sink. In their design you can use the same principles and materials: steel parts, United by screws in the frame, wooden slats and door frame, tinted sewn plywood.
Fig. 1. Homemade furniture for small kitchen.
Fig. 1. Homemade furniture for small kitchen.
Fig. 2. Frame wall kitchen cabinets
Fig. 2. Frame wall kitchen Cabinet:
1 — steel angle 35×35 mm, 2 — screw with nut M6, 3 — mounting holes.
Fig. 3. Front wall Cabinet
Fig. 3. Front wall Cabinet:
1 — door frame small (4 PCs, Reiki 20х45 mm) 2 — door-large frame (Reiki 20х45 mm), 3 — rail (20х35х820 mm, 3 PCs ), 4 rail (20х65х820 mm), 5 — decorative strip (20x120x2225 mm).
V. SALOID, Kharkov

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