NAGGING Starting to manufacture handmade furniture, a home master, most do not have the skills of carpenters professionals are faced with two main problems (not counting, of course, of the shortage of materials and tools) — how exactly to cut and how exactly to drill! Indeed, those who master these seemingly simple operations, it becomes on the shoulder almost any design, but… the skill takes time, and burned once, some often give up before they have lost all desire to make.

Therefore, in order to implement the conceived idea, before you begin, make a simple device that is able not only to simplify, but also much to improve the quality of the finished product, but also save time.


So, “how exactly saw”? Most common in Amateur construction now have electric hand saw, which has rich features. But if the cutting precision of their materials during the manufacture of garden houses is quite satisfactory, in the manufacture of furniture for a city apartment even a small waviness of the sawing line becomes very visible and can nullify all proceedings. In a word, to cut you need to “toe the line”!

Conductor for power saws

The conductor for the electric saw:

1 – timber (40х60х800 mm), 2 – track (D16, area 15х15х1000 mm, 2 pieces), 3 – clamp (strap 15×15 mm), 4 beams (40х60х300 mm), 5 – base (particleboard, 20х700х800 mm), 6 – pole (timber 40х60х80 mm, 4 PCs.) (“45°”, “90°” – marking cut lines).

It is for this purpose designed machine-jig, which is a base, which is fixed to the rails guides. If necessary, they are rearranged at 45°. Overall dimensions of the fixture can be changed at the discretion of the master depending on the dimensions of the workpiece. The specific value of the distance between the rails is chosen according to the width of the support sole used saws.
According to the magazine “Earmaster” (Hungary)

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