STANDARD ELEMENTSIt’s a lot easier to accommodate storage of books, magazines, albums, drawings! Of course, wardrobe. Very often any handyman takes two vertical boards, establishes between them a horizontal shelf and wardrobe ready. But if you want to have a comfortable wardrobe, it is best to use a uniform (equal) shelves. Rack-rack of such shelves can be placed anywhere in the apartment, it can be dismantled, to increase or decrease the height divided by one, two or more sections.


In short, one or two elements can be assembled several options of racks and cabinets. They will differ not only in size but also in form (Fig. 1). Moreover, in one embodiment, it is possible to arrange a Secretary, attaching to the shelf with metal corners and other accessories wooden shield-stop.


Each element of the Cabinet is made of Board with a length of 900 mm and a width of 300-350 mm. on both sides (ends) of a horizontal shelf-Board is attached a vertical support.
In one case they are the same height (type B), and in the other miscellaneous (type A). The fastener assemblies shown in the drawings (Fig. 2 and 3). In supports make the holes for wood or metal studs. Flange (type B) place it on the floor, put on a different (type A). Previously in support of the bottom shelf to insert the spikes, which the bottom element connects to the top. Shelves of type A and B, you can collect a wardrobe that meets all the requirements and wishes.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 3.
Fig. 3.
In some sections it is possible to provide sliding doors (plywood, glass, colored plastic). For this both the top and bottom shelves make shallow grooves (Fig. 2) that move the doors. Sometimes in the shelves, or rather in the lateral walls of the supports, make the holes for mounting collapsible work table (Fig. 3). To stiffen the whole structure of the shelves after Assembly, it is desirable to secure the metal patch squares. If the height of the rack exceeds 2000 mm, it must be attached to the coil in two or three places with the help of anchors.
Surface finish collapsible rack is colorless furniture varnish. Pre-surface butts are carefully trimmed, skins, then coated several times with a pack. For finishing you can use adhesive tape with the texture of wood. It is easy to stick on a wooden surface.

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