FUNNY WHEELCHAIRKids love to toy with them not only the room but also on the walk. Especially those that can haul on a rope or push with a thin stick. Moreover, dynamic toy when she has something spinning, swinging or jumping.


Are funny wheelchairs (on materials of the Polish magazine “Horizons of technology for children”).
The device of a wheelchair the simplest. Even older kids can make it for their little brothers or sisters. She is on a stick with wheels. When the child pushes it in front of him, the figure of a dove as if alive.
When driving the pigeon often waving his wings like he wants to run away from the baby and take off. This effect is due to the fact that the wings are connected by wire rods with wheels, the rotation of which the connecting rods then push the wings up, then pull down.
The base of the toy — cut the wooden bar with a cross-section 40×40 mm. it drilled two through holes: transverse diameter of 8 mm under a wooden axle made of a rod with a diameter of 7 mm and the longitudinal diameter of 10 mm under the knob the same diameter and a length of 700 mm. the Axis rotates freely in the base, and the ends planted firmly (glue) two wooden wheels with a diameter of 42 and 10 mm thick. the Handle is also inserted into the base with glue (carpenter’s or PVA).
Gurney “Dove”:
1 — wheel (2 PCs); 2 — base; 3 — wings; 4 — body with a tail; 5 — wand-handle; 6 — rod (wire, 2); 7 — pins (nail); 8 — axis; 9 — swivel (soft tissue, skin)

On the basis of a set notched plank, depicting the body of a bird with a beak and tail, and to it is attached a fabric or leather strip “hinge” for flapping wings. The “body” to the base and a strip for wings nailed.
Of stiff wire rods are made with rings on the ends they connect to brackets on the wings and pins on the wheels.

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