GRAVITEAMTo explore the law of gravity is always more difficult than any other section of the school of physics. The fact that to explain this phenomenon the teacher has literally “on fingers”. And devices demonstrating the action of gravitational forces, the industry is not yet released.


The simplest graviteam it is easy to make yourself in any school-technical circle. To do this you need three – two-gallon glass jar and unused metal lid for canning vegetables.

To the inner side of the cover, solder the wire loop and hang on a thin nylon thread dural horizontal rocker. Tied to the last two weight weighing 200-300 g: one of paraffin or soap, and the other lead. Then with the help of machines for canning fasten the lid on the pot and drill a hole in it Ø 6-8 mm. Insert the tube and solder it to the lid. Pump Komovskogo vent the air from the jar to about 0.2 ATM.
Now install the appliance away from massive objects and allow the cargo to relax. Mark the position of the rocker relative to banks graviteam ready.
For demonstrations of the phenomenon of gravity near the appliance and put some massive objects, such as pood weights (see figure). After a while you will notice that the rocker is rotated by some angle relative to its original position.
A device to demonstrate the phenomenon of gravity
Device to demonstrate the phenomenon of gravity:
1 — metal cap, 2 — wire loop, 3 — pipe for pumping air, 4 — nylon thread, 5 — glass jar, 6 — lead weight, 7 — arm, 8 — paraffin weight, 9 — mirror 10 — scale 11 — weights 12 — light source.

Rotate the straightener 180° and allow it to calm down again. Now you will find that the yoke was deflected in the opposite direction. And paraffin the cargo is closer to the interacting subjects, and lead — on, although the masses of both goods are the same.
The weight of a greater volume of glue a small mirror, send him a ray of light, “Bunny” indicate the deviation of the rocker arm directly on a scale (it can be installed next to device).
Remember: the more massive the object, next to which is graviteam, the clearer the effect of the device.
Air is not pumped out of the jar, and instead of a metal lid to use nylon: the effect is almost unchanged.
I. SORUDEYKIN, Monchegorsk, Murmansk region

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