GYMNASTICS CROSS-COMPLEXAnd just what sports equipment do not have modern sports fans! This traditional free weights, a barbell, an expander, and the still unfamiliar — massagers, exercise equipment, medical sensors, running tracks and all… right in the room.

But what a workout, even among such splendor, next to the open window. For those who still prefer a class outdoors, we offer design gymnastic cross-complex. It is quite simple — a wooden frame, which brings together some shells. Someone Nutsedge may have seen such systems have treadmills or on the sports field. The four main vertical posts (100x100x2400 mm) paasivaara horizontal rows of bars size 50хЮ0 mm and a length of 2400 mm (end — length 1200 mm). On a horizontal line with one edge of the frame, arrange the boards as shown in the figure, a middle — bar, strengthening for this purpose, two vertical slats (50х100Х Х1100 mm) on average n top rows.
Below, under the horizontal bar, make from double bars step on the bottom horizontal row and the hard bench at the near post. Design for sustainability will provide two cross bars with end sides, in favour of the dimensions (50х100х1900 them). And the last one of the top bars attach the eyebolt (M8). Through miss nylon twisted cord (Ø 6-8 mm) with a length of about 4500 mm; at the ends of wooden handles.
To build only use direct procurement as possible without knots, pine or spruce. “Communicate” design bolts No. 6×180 mm М6Х230 and, after placing under nuts metal washers with a minimum thickness of 2 mm; the holes do drills with a diameter of 6.5—7.5 mm (threaded stud connection allows you to disassemble the figure). To give the frame extra rigidity, use metal angles and strips.
Gymnastics center
Gymnastics center:
1 — support beam structure, 2 — angle stand, 3 — eyebolt on the upper horizontal end bar, 4 — parallel bars, 5 — top side rail, 6 — stoick the bar, 7 — bar, 8 — bench, 9 — step.
Gymnastics center
Mini-set is quite easy, it can be migrated together. On the bar it is convenient to perform the pulling; squeezing — on the parallel bars and hard bench; the instep, a deflection in the back and “pumping” the press, “stretch” foot muscles and tendons, pulling the rope-the cord — all allows the projectile.
Try to make this for sports grounds in your backyard — you will not regret.

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