Set-veteran “Temp”, intended for beginners avtomodelistov still ENT breeding facility for numerous upgrades. Some of them have already been reported in “M-K”. However, no one mentioned the suspension of the rear axle. And this is one of the main ways to increase the speed of this car.

In our group decided to experiment. We developed several designs of pendants, all of them were tested, and we want to introduce avtomodelistov with the most successful and perhaps the most simple.
Upgraded rear axle performance on
Upgraded rear axle performance Temp:
1 — pan model, 2 — front (steel). 3 — propeller (bronze Bra-9-4). 4 — the shirt of the cylinder. 5 — lever (steel), 6 — spring suspension (OVS wire Ø 0.8 mm), 7 — guide rod (bronze Bra-9-4). 8 — Bush-the bump (rubber).

Scheme suspension upgraded rear axle with longitudinal suspension levers, suspension — coil spring. Structurally, no trailing arms, no. Just the engine-shaft hinge is fixed by two threaded his fingers over the shirt of the cylinder— this allows the rear axle (that is, the shafts “Pace”) to oscillate up and down. And the crankcase of the engine M4 screws is attached a curved lever, the other end resting on a spring shock absorber. From the bottom, from the pan model, installed the rubber bump stop. The suspension design makes it easy to replace the elastic elements of the shock absorber and adjust the stroke of the back axis within a wide range. Kai showed the heats, the optimal movement of the rear axle by 6-7 mm.
C. ASIMOV Kustanai

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