HANGERS ARE DIFFERENTDIMENSIONLESS. Coat-hangers are made of wood, plastic, metal, with a jumper for trousers and so on. But all of them are made under a certain” size clothes — to their disadvantage. Universal hanger made of steel wire and steel well polished parts, has two height in the range of 320 mm and a width of 250-400 mm, and this means that to use it can children and adults.

Adjust the length of a coat hanger just: one hand to hold the hanger, the other Unscrew the poet, until the clamp loosens. Then pushing hangers and brackets firmly into the seams of the sleeves and fix this position with the screw. The clamping force is transmitted through the hanger and the washer inserts, and the ones lifting the inside of the hull, jammed the hook — hanger is ready for use.
Braces for trousers coupled with one another and move freely when adjusting the hanger. If necessary, they can Shine.
Dimensionless hanger
The dimensionless hanger:
1 — hook, 2 — housing, 3 — insert (4 PCs.), 4 — puck, 5 — narrow shoulder, 6 — screw, 7 — wide shoulder, 8, 9 — bracket (from the top view they are conventionally made).

CORRIDOR WALL. The above-described dimensionless coat-hangers can be placed in the closet, the wardrobe, but better — in the corridor on a specially made for this purpose, a wall hanger.
Of the device it is clear from the figure. All structural elements of steel: sheet, wire, pipes. They are connected to each other, except for cross members by electric welding. Crossmember is simply inserted into the holes Ø 3,2 mm, pre-drilled with a step of 40 mm in shell halves of the shelves, which are then butt welded.
To design not novelo, welding it is necessary in the fixing device. After cooling, the seams are frenched and the elements of a hanger are polished.
Wall hanger
Wall hanger:
1 — bracket (2 PCs.), 2 — knee (2), 3 — the upper bar 4 — lower crossbar, 5 — hook, 5 — sides shelf, 7 — crossbar (15 PCs.).

Set the finished product on the wall in the hallway. To this end, the brackets propylene holes for the screw heads. The top rail can use adults lower children.

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