TAIL TIERNEYOffer simple, proven in dozens of models of the design of mechanisms to control the stabilizer and rudder for time or rezinomotornaya models. The basis of the first node is duralumin bracket designed for fixing horizontal surface of the empennage on the fuselage, and ensure its deviation on the horizontal axis. The vertical shank of the bracket is wrapped with thread, is inserted into the groove of the fuselage and secured with glue.

The axis of rotation steel wire Ø 1 mm, glued in the groove front edge. The setting range of the axis is reinforced by the balsa strip.
Dock stabilizer with bracket begins with the installation of its axis in the horizontal grooves of the shoulders of the bracket, then into the vertical holes are inserted retaining bracket pins.
The position of the horizontal tail is governed by the control cable in — line Ø 0.5 mm, the magnetic trailing edge to the adjustment screw. In the position that provides the fit of the model (30-40 relative to the axis of the model), the stabilizer translates with rubber thread, stretched between him and the hook of the bracket.
The rudder is connected with the keel by two hinge joints: the lower ones are equipped with a spring, one end of which is soldered to the loop, and the second pressed against her G-shaped axis. Permanent pressure of steering the thrust screw is provided for pre-twisting the springs two turns.
Design of the tail Tierney model
The design of the tail Tierney models:
1 Kil, 2 — upper hinge, 3 — rudder, 4 — stabilizer bracket, 5 — pin retaining bracket, 6 — rubber band, 7 — body, 8 — control wire of the stabilizer, 9 — hook stabilizer, 10 — stabilizer, 11 — resistant adjusting screw 12 — nut 13— aluminum bracket, 14 — screws-limiters, 15 — plastic walkera PA paparata wheel, 16 — support bar of the control cable, 17 — hole for passage of the control cable, 18, a control cable of the rudder 19 is the axis of rotation of stabilizer, 20 — strengthening the balsa plank, 21 — spring, 22 — axis, 23 — half-loop of the keel.

To adjust the limit of the provisions of the rudder in the keel is glued aluminum bracket with two threaded holes in them wrapped screws-limiters. The rudder is fixed with a plastic plate, resting when turning right or left screw.

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