The baby’s room is a multifunctional room: there should be a place to practice, and sitting area, and free space for the game. Also needed containers for clothing and toys, shelves for books… in short, the whole set.
Here we offer house masters to produce a comprehensive set of “harlequin” — set of decorative elements of the game, from which children can assemble the furniture themselves.
Thanks to modern forms and the spectral color of objects children will look elegant and fun.
Aesthetic education begins in early childhood. Comprehending the diversity of the world through surrounding objects, the child becomes familiar with proportions, materials, forms and color. If from an early age to instill the concept of beauty, composition, harmony, and later, enlisting in life, people will try to decorate it — in the best sense of the word.
This is the starting point came the specialists of the Leningrad scientific-production Association “Reproachment” to design a set of furniture for children “harlequin”. The kit is designed for the full equipment of a children’s room with play corner, a place for classes and recreation on the basis of the same pieces of furniture. With simple modern forms, spectral colors, your furniture, as it reminds the toys. And some items, table with chair and folding screen, serve as play elements, like transferring the children’s Playground from the yard into the room.
Structurally, the set of furniture “harlequin” prefabrication, with the exception of certain parts. The main material is the leaf blocks with a total thickness of 10 mm made of two layers of fibreboard (MDF) with a layer of peeled veneer. Such plates are difficult to make at home, so for self-build kit-replace multi-layered plywood or a thin wood chip plates (DSP). All items of furniture are unified. Due to the same width cupboard, shelving and cabinets, their shelves, outdoor bins are also the same. To impart rigidity in the vertical walls in the mounting shelves saw through the slots and the shelves themselves do the tabs that insert into the grooves and fix the furniture bolted to the corners. Cabinet doors are mounted on hinges — two brackets and the axle. But you can use regular furniture or piano hinges. Outdoor bins are assembled from sheets of particle Board; the connection on the corners, round plug-in thorns. To the bottom of each drawer is screwed to the four sliding roller.
Fig. 1. Wardrobe.
Fig. 1. Wardrobe:
1 — door, 2 — lateral stand, 3 — door handle 4 — front wall of the floor box 5 — bottom of floor box 6 — partition 7 — pivot hinges 8 — rear wall rack, 9 — peg, 10 — partition.
Fig. 2. The furniture section.
Fig. 2. Furniture section:
1 — door, 2 — panel, 3 — door handle 4 — cassette, 5 — counter, 6 — joints, 7 — the front wall of the floor box, 8 — the side wall cabinets, 9 — rear wall cabinets, 10 — shelf.
Fig. 3. Door hinge.
Fig. 3. Door hinge:
1 bracket-door, 2 — side wall bracket, 3 — axis hinge.
The furniture section is assembled from three tables: two are located vertically one above the other and fixed with tape on the furniture bolts and one is the length of the table, which connects it with the bottom pedestal. The tabletop is mounted on the corners of the external walls of the cabinets.
Rack with front side open and has five shelves, located at the same distance from each other. Molen on the shelves install drawers.
Fig. 4. Rack.
Fig. 4. Rack:
1 partition 2 — side wall 3 — shelf, 4 — drawer, 5 — front wall of the floor box, 6 — rear panel of the rack.

The bed base serves as a frame from bruskov by section 50X50 mm with its long sides are mounted side bars, and short backrests. On top of the frame is placed and fixed with screws, sheet of plywood for a mattress. Sargam to attach six legs, stands, connecting three rear back, and two front — strap of the fence. Mattress, a few sheets of foam and three or four layers of batting covered with a thick cloth. Under the bed, removed the two sliding drawer of the PA roller.
Fig. 5. Bed.
Fig. 5. Bed:
1 — leg-front, 2 — back, 3 — mattress, 4 — side, 5 — plank fencing, 6 — drawer side, 7 — a floor box, 8 — wood, 9—, 10 — plywood Foundation.
To collect the Desk and chair are not present any difficulties. To change the height for growth in the side walls of the saw through two additional groove and drill holes to reposition the countertop, rings, back and seat.
Fig. 6. The table.
Fig. 6. Table:
1 — top, 2 — side stand, 3 — drawer side, 4 — corners.
Fig. 7. Chair.
Fig. 7. Chair:
1 — back, 2 — seat, 3 — drawer side, 4 — side panel.
Folding screen consists of four panels, connected on the card or with hinges so that it can be folded like an “accordion”. In ornamental and game purposes in boards cut out of a round window, above the large “Windows” on special holders to hang curtains in a bright fabric.
Fig. 8. Folding screen.
Fig. 8. Folding screen:
1 — shield, 2 — decorative fabric, 3 — a tissue holder, 4 — card loop.
In the manufacture of furniture from plywood or particle Board edges must be rounded, and the surface carefully sanded, primed and cover the furniture or parquet varnish, enamel paints spectral colors.

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