Unusual chair-bed designed specifically for small room area of 13.5 m^2. Its peculiarity is that it is not a convertible, as it were, telescopic: it has two series-extendable drawers, one of which is for bedding. It is in a separate compartment, there are four stand-feet. Any mount they complicate the design, so it was decided simply to substitute the legs under the drawers in the nomination. And the body of the chair is supported by four dual wheel furniture.

Depending on the desired height on the seat is used with one or two foam pillows. The body of the chairs and pillows are covered with a material that harmonizes with the decoration standing in the bed room.
To sleep in a chair transformirovalsya to bed. Initially pushed intermediate box that has the recoil stop; under him to the left and right are substituted for two of the stand-legs. Then put forward the main box that also has the recoil stop; he is placed on the other two stand legs, and the top served the plywood cover. On the body and both the boxes are stacked foam cushions and bed spreads.
Going to the chair-bed in the reverse sequence.
“Telescopic” arm-chair:
And in the folded state (chair); B — separated state (bed).

The design of main components
Housing, or rather its side walls, are painted chipboard. They bolted down the M5 to the horizontal panels, assembled from the side of the backside of the old cot: to their rigid lattices attached a piece of plywood with a thickness of 3 mm (top — top and to the bottom under it). On the back side of the housing on the brackets with plywood back. On the sides of the seat under the upholstery material is placed glued sheet foam with a thickness of 20 mm. On the upper edges of the sidewalls of the stuffed arm rests of wooden slats covered with stain and varnish.
The intermediate box is assembled from planks (frame) and plywood 10 mm thick (lid and bottom). The frame elements are fastened with screws. In the lid is cut under the wrist to pull out.
Chair bed:
1 – housing; 2 – drawer intermediate; 3 – drawer main; 4 – lid of the main box; 5 -stand-leg intermediate box (bar 140x140x105, 2); 6 – stand-foot main box (bar 140x140x115, 2); 7 – seat cushion (foam 750x660x50, fabric); 8 – intermediate cushion (foam 750x660x80, cloth); 9 – the pillow core box (foam 660x410x90, fabric); 10 additional cushion (foam 660x290x90, fabric); 11 – panel birch plywood 700x250x10); 12 – bracket of the backrest (steel strip 600x40x2,5, 2 PCs); 13 – the back (plywood 650x390x10); 14 armrest (a wooden rail 780x60x16, 2); 15 — side panel of the case (painted chipboard 780x540x20, 2); 16 — cover and bottom of the hull (plywood 780x660x3); 17 — frame horizontal panels (back crib); 18 —bracket-bearing (plywood 80x80x10, 4 pieces); 19 — wheel furniture (4 PCs); 20 — a lining external (foam 780x540x20, 2); 21 — inner lining (foam rubber 780x290x20, 2 PCs.).

Intermediate fat
Intermediate fat:
1 – cover and excess (plywood 770x655x10); 2 – rear panel (Board 615x165x20); 3, the side wall (Board 770x175x20, 2 PCs.).

Primary Inbox
Primary Inbox:
1 – rear wall (Board 570x150x20); 2 — lateral wall (Board 745x150x20,2); 3 — partition of compartments (Board 570x150x20); 4 — the bottom (plywood 745x610x10); 5 — front panel (Board 705x190x20); 6 – cover (plywood 745x610x10); 7 — insert-latch (plywood 570x555x10).

The main box is made from the same materials and has a similar structure. However, his cover is removable. It consists of two sheets of plywood with a thickness of 10 mm (top and liner-lock), fastened with screws; also a hole for the hand. The walls, lid and bottom boxes are treated with wood preservative.
Coasters represent nailed (to the desired height) wood with base 140×140 mm.
Couch pillows made out of sheet foam rubber; their covers from upholstery fabric.
The selected design solution is justified, and a chair-bed operated for over ten years without a break.
V. PESTRIKOV. Saint-Petersburg


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