COMBINE IN NURSERYIf the baby has a crib, then consider that he had even in a small room have their place. But if he would have a bed, as proposed by the British magazine “the Popular mechanics”, it is more than a place — it is a corner of the habitat. Because the considered design is a processor that contains not only a bed for sleeping: you can play, place your favorite toys, books, clean linen in the morning… Another advantage of this construction is that it is quite accessible for self-production by the parents with the feasible participation of the child: it might have something to bring, to hold, to clean, apply.

The basic material for a combined child’s bed will serve as furniture boards,’12-mm plywood or chipboard 16 — 20 mm. Of they cut out all the main elements of the design. First of all it is bed sides, resembling the fuselage of the aircraft with the tail. One of them is a solid wall, in the plane of the other are cut two large boxes under the bed boxes and gaming accessories.
The main elements of the combined beds
The basic elements of the combination beds:
1 — panel side; 2 — shelf end (900×300); 3 — strip lower trim (900×50); 4 — strip upper trim (90×900); 5 — rail reference (20x 16); 6 — sunbed (2040×900); 7 — socket for partitions; 8 — partition (900×500); 9 — drawers (800x600x200); 10 — head (900×215); 11 panel end (984×900); 12 — shelf narrow (900×180).
Connecting panels with fittings

Connecting panels with fittings:
1 — pin notched; 2 — hole; 3 — clamp; 4 — decorative cap.
Safe handle for box

Safe handle for the box:
1 — panel front; 2 — spacer-leg; 3 — kruglyash-handle; 4 — screw with countersunk head.
Option panels

A splice variant of the panels:
1 — screw; 2 — a tube wood.

On the inner surface of each sidewall mounted rail supports for horizontal planes.
Between the sidewalls are mounted four vertical partitions forming cavities for the drawers and in the minds of the bed end panel. Here are the shelves: the top is narrow, and below it a box serving as a support cushion.
At the other end (in feet) arranged two open shelves, lower in addition to reek that relies on decorative strap relating to sex, and under the upper corners of the sidewalls is attached to another decorative strip, a little wider, which covers the end of the lounger and also serves as a limiter for the mattress.
Drawers collected separately. Their front panel can be prepared from the same furniture panels or rectangles, the remainder of the Windows in the sides of the bed(if cutting is done very neatly). On the walls of the boxes will go thin plywood, and the bottom — hardboard, building on the slats nailed to the side walls of the boxes. As handles is best to attach the turned wooden kruglyashi on small legs. Instead of a special metal slider for boxes you can use the handles of wooden slats.
Before assembling all the blanks carefully trimmed by a sandpaper that is not dangerous for the baby Burr. After assembling the grinding surfaces should be repeated.
Subsequent the finishing of the finished design depends on the chosen materials. Plywood panels, of course, it is better to tint the stain, and after drying varnish in several layers (with breaks for drying). This is the most advantageous way: it emphasizes the natural beauty of wood texture. In addition, the coating is the most hygienic and easy to clean.
However, not worse just to paint the panels bright enamels in yellow, dark red, blue or brown. Boxes it is better to paint separately and preferably in a different color, combined with basic background or, conversely, contrast.
This bed will surely appeal to the child their uniqueness and versatility. In addition, it will be easier to get used to autonomy and order: it is easy to clean in the morning b & b in the box below then free to play and even jump on the bed. And in the evening carefully collected scattered floor toy boxes or to place on the end shelves.

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