On my shelf is a… a five-story “house” and “live” in this compact tape cassettes. Grasp the ring on the roof, I can pick it up and put in front of him. Ring the top of the spindle, which is “house” through “five story building” is free to rotate around it — it’s convenient, it’s easy to find the desired entry.

Cassette assembled on a wooden stand from six identical axisymmetric shelves and four combs. These parts are cut from sheet Plexiglas 3 mm thick. construction is Going at once from all shelves (except the top and bottom) and combs. Spikes Ø3 mm are firmly fitted in the second hole adjacent combs and glue them in dichloroethane. Then glued the rest of the shelves.
The axis of the ring passes through a hole in shelves for her to put on the washer, the stand, another washer, and the threads are tightened axle nut and lock nut.
The box with the tapes tight should include in their nests-“the apartment”. On the “roof” over each “entrance”, you can stick the table with list of records on the floors.
1 — ring axle, 2 — box magazine, 3 — shelf, 4 — comb, 5 — disc, 6 — stand, 7 — nut.

If magazines more than twenty, in the manufacture of parts, you can take this into account and increase the number of shelves and the number of teeth of the combs. Axis it should be lengthened.

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