INDIVIDUAL Going on a fine summer day at the beach, you take a small bedroll, which at the chosen place and unfold the envy of all the neighboring vacationers receive individual oblong tent at the same time with the litter and even a small “wall” that protects you from the wind.


To give yourself the comfort you will need only a long cloth with any fabric and a few aluminum tubes is all you need for making easy foldable tent.

The length of the fabric is chosen depending on your height — just enough to lay and shelter from the sun, but still remained a kind of “wall” in the head, plus the appropriate allowance to stitch laderman under strini. Approximate size of fabric 4500×800 mm. Slightly less than half of this length will go to the actual tent which will have two extreme armor-pocket—for tensioning the canopy on the support rods, and two medium, as a backup for possible permutation of one of the pillars if you need to shorten the amount of canopy cover. The rest of the fabrics will go on the wall (overhang) and a blanket.


Folding tent-bedroll

Folding tent-bedroll:

1 — bearing; 2 — canopy; 3 — laderman; 4 — overhang (“wall”); 5 — litter

Supports folding, going to each of the three parts. These can be rods or tubes, connecting the ends of which are flattened and drilled under the connector bolts. The length of the vertical rods can be selected based on their depth in the sand approximately 200 mm (approximately 900 mm). The horizontal rods with a length of approximately 800 mm. they are connected With a vertical hinge, bolt, M4 nuts and intermediate washers. This not only provides free prosovyvaniya support in later Mans, but folding it when collapsing the tent.

Latterman are sewn on machine or by hand so that they freely enter the rods of the supports. The extreme (first) laderman Welt turned just formed fabric, the double counter lap, including the second extreme laderman.

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