NECROLATRY TABLE“If I get sick — go to the doctors won’t; turn to friends…” — wrote the poet J. Smelyakov. But life shows that you have to apply to doctors and friends, because without their help, it is often impossible to do, especially bedridden patients.
If bed rest was delayed, it would be nice to make for fell ill necrolatry table, which is shown in the figure. He can serve a light tray, and a dining or work table, and even a kind of “stand”-stand on which the desired angle is located, for example, a book or manuscript, drawing materials, and a modern version — portable video devices, and even laptop.

Features of the device
Desk design is simple but functional, since it can act in the three mentioned types due to the characteristics of your device. Of the main parts, especially table — top and folding legs, framing her sides and turns at this stage the table in a kind of tray. Being lowered, the legs of the table hold it steadily on the bed, because they have a fixed position through the bars to the stops.

The top runs a two-layer panel-the bottom and top panel, which can ride up and be at work the required slope, fixing in this position, a simple flip stop.

Material for the manufacture of table will serve as: particleboard or thin plywood is double layered for countertops; paired bars and glazing beads for frames; the planks or sticks for legs; piano hinge or a fabric hinge strip to the sloping panel and plywood folding triangle— emphasis for locking of its inclination.


Let’s start with the countertops as the main load-bearing part. As already mentioned, it is advisable to make a two-layer, two plywood panels, running in the construction of different roles, so having a different width and length.

Bottom panel — the base of the table, the actual table top. It can be made of plywood 7 mm thick, size 500×440 mm. At bottom and top edge of the panel nailed the paired wooden blocks. One of them is the length to the width of the countertop section 30×20 mm. To it on both sides are pivotally attached to the legs. As for thickness the ends of the second beam are at the edge of the table top: they serve as a stop for the folding legs.

The top, the front panel may rise at a certain angle. The size of this panels made of plywood thickness of 4 mm, somewhat smaller countertops: considering limiting its paired bars she 430×400 mm. the patient closest to the edge is hinged to the bar with the help rojalnoj loops or fabric strips that perform the same function. On the reverse side of the panel, also on the soft loop of fabric, attached hinged plastic triangle — emphasis to hold the front panel in a tilted (raised) position.

Necrolatry table patient

Necrolatry table patient (B — main parts):

1 — the base of the table (tabletop); 2 — front (rising) panel; 3 — side enclosing frame (beadings); 4 — folding legs (4 PCs of 5 — “short” stick ball NREGA mounting feet (2 PCs); 6—resistant (extended) the bar is lowered for fixing the legs (2 PCs); 7—fabric strip— “loop” (2); 8 — hinge (screw with washer, 4 pairs); 9 — emphasis

A special role is given to the legs: they should not only support the table in position on the bed, but the sides on the way to it — in the “tray”. Hence, their sizes and characteristics of fasteners. The legs are made of strips of thickness 15 mm and width 27 mm, and length is chosen such that in a fixed position in pairs they played the role of additional lateral bumpers in the option “tray.” When the legs are lowered, the side limiters remain attached at the edges of the countertop beadings.

The legs are attached pivotally to the ends of the short bars of the base by means of screws with sealing washers. The attachment point is chosen so that the leg is in the reclined position rested on the protruding part of the second (restrictive) of the bar, fixing thus at a slight angle.

Finish the table

All the parts before Assembly, carefully polished with sandpaper to avoid rough edges and burrs. If plywood panels surfaces have a beautiful wood pattern — they should be carefully polished and varnished in several layers, with sustained drying and intermediate polishing. The varnish can be applied with a swab, a soft brush or roller.

Possible and just painting with oil or enamel paints, if you want different ways: for example, table tops in green or blue color, and the legs — in black or brown to suit your taste.

The use of the table

It is noted that the design of the table makes it a versatile piece of furniture for the needs of the patient. In the kitchen, thanks to the preloaded legs, it turns into a tray with sides — convenient for “delivery” of food or medical supplies to the bedside. Here the legs are lowered, and the table at the expense of these supports is easy to install directly on the bed whereby the patient may do in the future without additional assistance.


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