NOT THE SPRING, AND GRAVITYConclusion of any country fence is the gate. Often achilladelis provide simple devices that automatically close the gate after you pass through them — this steel springs, and rubber bands, and weights-balances… However, all these “machines” are not without their drawbacks, and the main one is that they all require additional elements like springs, rubber bands, kettlebells, etc. However there are devices that do not contain any further details, and the closing force is obtained due to… gravity.

Look at the picture of the gate as the gate is hinged to two self-made loops, but the normal axis of the gate hinges are on the vertical axis, while “gravity” this axis is inclined from the vertical at an angle of 5 — 7 degrees. Accordingly, the loop at the gate special — they are made of lengths of steel channel 40x50x4 mm, and the hinges they are also inclined from the vertical by 5 to 7 degrees.

Gate without springs

When hanging the gate should accurately reconcile the coincidence of the axes of the hinges of hinges and the axis of the hinge — otherwise the device will last long.

After the sample try to open the gate — it will be a bit of a climb, and released — under the influence of gravity slam.

So — and any additional details!

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