PEDESTRIAN SCRAPERSomeone in snowfall joy, but not the wipers. Armed with shovels, they morning twilight intrudes on the hard watch. Before the snow raked wooden or plywood shovels now — dural, wide. But to clear the sidewalk could not be soon.

Offer a more productive tool — bucket-scraper in the amount of one-third cubic meter. Are managed with two people: one pulls the other forwards. From time to time, the bucket tilt. Way, they are for five minutes can do in virgin snow pass length of one hundred meters.
The bottom and sides of the bucket are curved from a sheet of aluminum the size 1500X1200 mm. From the rear wall (500X500 mm), they are connected by corners with rivets.
The Board is equipped with a wire leash and the two handles of the angled or t-profile.
N. BEZBORODOV, Dolgoprudny, Moscow region

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