PLIERS-COMBINEThis unusual hand tool created by the innovators of the Volgograd plant of oil engineering. Pliers designed for flaring pipe lubrication systems and hydraulic control of various machines and machine tools. Simple in design, they at least shorten the time and simplify the technology of flaring. The body of the pliers consists of two hinged halves on their joints in the center holes Ø16 mm.

In halves on the axes is installed the hex drums-crimping. Their abutting faces are of conical protertia radius from 2 to 6 mm.
To the housing on the bracket coaxially with Central hole is attached to the round nut М20Х0,75. In the nut is screwed up the screw, one end of which has been filed off on the cone with four milled faces, and on the other impaled vorotkovy arm.
Unusual pliers:
1 — arm, 2 — hinged half of the body, 3 — pipe 4 — bracket 5 — nut, 6 — screw, cone, 7 — driver, 8 — axis drum-swage, 9 — hinge.

Flaring the tubes is as follows. Drums-swage the rotation axis are set to the desired diameter of the tube and retained by a ball retainer. The end of the tube into the Central hole of the tool, and the housing halves are compressed, securely fixing the workpiece. Then by turning the screw cone reported axial movement, and a gradual razvaltsovannye tube diameter protertia reels-swages. The total time of operation — no more than 2— 3 min. taper on the end of the tube turns regular geometric shape, with a good surface finish.
These pliers can be successfully applied not only in industry but also in automotive transport companies, repair workshops for agricultural machines, helping to improve productivity and quality of work.

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