And in a city apartment and summer house in the garden house you often need a simple design bedside table-bookcase. It is convenient that takes up little space and plenty of shelves on it makes it a spacious and, moreover,universal. Here’s a table and want to offer readers. It is made entirely from plywood and is assembled without nails and glue. At the same time it can be disassembled and turned into a flat package, convenient for transportation or storage.

These advantages are achieved by the fact that all the parts have counter Assembly slots, through which eliminates the need for additional fasteners. It is clear that the figures of the size — indicative, for example, because the dimensions will be selected by the manufacturer in accordance with specific conditions: smaller, larger, wider, deeper, with frequent or rare shelves, inserted a complete set or in part, with a reserve of additional grooves under the shelves.
Material for production of cabinets — plywood with a thickness of 10 mm. Structurally, the bookcase consists of two side size 1200×300 mm, two props 1200×100 mm and five shelves 600×330 mm. Width of grooves depends on the thickness of the plywood.
The workpiece should be cleaned with emery cloth, cover with a colourless varnish or nitro enamel bright colors — yellow, green, red.
Composite nightstand-bookcase
Composite nightstand-bookcase:
1 — side; 2 — shelves: 3 — backup

The build order is clear from the figure: first, gather the sides and shelves, then back up.
V. GERUS, Zdolbuniv, Ukraine

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