ROUND, BUT WITH CORNERS...A scrap page torn from a magazine with a picture of a cute table to lay in the Park on a bench, I sat down to rest. Table, or rather his design, I was interested (in the old days I had to make furniture for myself and to order). Photography, like the table, was done professionally (presumably for ads) — it has completely solved the consumer advantages of the product: unassuming beauty, functionality, at the same time hiding its design features.

Have a desire to buy such a table for a country house (the need for it was), if you will fall and the price will be suitable, or otherwise choose the time and do it myself.

With this purpose took the piece of paper with a picture of themselves, to more closely examine it and try to understand the design table. I think I succeeded, especially since it wasn’t that anyone who knows how to hold a conventional carpenter tools. Moreover, all details can be made from suitable materials in a home workshop.

The semicircle connected with piano hinge with rectangle — a geometric figure is a table cover unfolded; the area for serving — about 0.6 m2. In “stand-by”, folded footprint table place reduced by more than half. To do this, under the rectangular part of the countertop displays the support popura-ka (leg with proleg and tsargoj), rectangular “wing” of the countertop is omitted in a vertical position and pressed together with the frame to the rear legs.

But even when folded, the usable area of the table is declining not so much due to the fact that under semi-circular cover is almost the same size podstolice. It is possible to remove serving dishes, Cutlery.

For table tops folding table will require three joiner plates with a thickness of 20-30 mm from the same material whether it is refined (covered with foil or plastic) chipboard, well planed and paid for Board or finished furniture Board. The dimensions of all three panels is the same — 800×400 mm.

Feet and other auxiliary parts are made of dry pine lumber section 60×30 mm. And for binding parts — rings, pronoiac — you can take a smaller material cross-section (50×25 timber).

One panel remains as is. Cut of the other two inscribed semicircles centered in the middle of one of the long edges. The radius of one semicircle (cover) 400 mm other— 390 mm: it’s base (it would suit the panel and is thinner with a thickness of 15-20 mm). Along the diameter of it is cut off another strip of a width of 35 mm. At the ends of the chord and another at the intersection of the centerline and the arc of a circle in podstolya cut rectangular grooves on the cross section of the legs of the table. On the chord of the long side of the grooves directed towards each other, and the axis perpendicular to them.


Folding table with base

Folding table with base:

1, a semicircular cover (chipboard, Blockboard or furniture Board, s20—30); 2 — base (particle Board, Blockboard or furniture shield s15 — 20);3 — insert-drawer side (Board or 120×25 120×30, L660); 4 — foot (timber 60×30, L700,4 pieces); 5 — transverse proleg (timber or 60×30 50×25, L260); 6 — longitudinal proleg (timber or 60×30 50×25, L270); 7 — proleg panoramki (timber or 60×30 50×25, L316); 8 — card loop panoramki (2); 9 — hinge of the flip cover (2 PCs); 10— drawer side panoramki (timber or 60×30 50×25, L316); 11 — bracket for fixing panoramki (STZ, sheet 1.5); 12 — flip cover (chipboard, Blockboard, furniture Board s20 — 30)

The distance between the table top and base in light of 120 mm. This gap could be made for practical reasons and more, but then under the table may not fit the feet of the guests (for households this size are easy to identify).

The same width should be insert-drawer side between the cover and the base. It can be made of an extruded one piece or to unite two or three bars. Insertion length equal to the distance between the rear legs of the table is 660 mm. it is Clear that the same length should have the longitudinal proleg.

The length of the front (transverse) of ponozky — 265 mm, rear and side-bar of PRONASCI panoramki — 315 mm. This difference in length was formed because the rear legs together with the connecting parts are shifted inward (forward) table: to back under a semi-circular cover fits attached to them polurama and not interfere with the lower rectangular countertop. With the same purpose from the underframes cut a 35mm strip.

And one more thing. To give the table a more elegant look, the front legs should be from the top down to make narrower by about a third of their width.

The Assembly of parts can be made in various ways.

If in the future to disassemble the table is not required (e.g., for transportation to another place), the easiest way connection (except the hinge) to carry on the pegs with glue. It is necessary to fulfil one condition — the pins in each joint should be at least two. For swivels swivel panoramki and a hinged cover part need a suitable card loop, two for each part.

In a collapsible embodiment, the connection parts can be produced on the furniture corners.

The decoration of the table, at the discretion of the manufacturer. On her appointment it is desirable to maintain only one condition — the resulting table should fit into the interior of the room in which it will be installed and be in harmony with other adjacent pieces of furniture.


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