WARDROBE IN THE CLOSETNarrow Cabinet-column in the hallway or bedroom very convenient for placing small items, but it requires additional space to allocate that in a small room is difficult. However, as seen from the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster” similar auxiliary Cabinet … hide inside the closet or wardrobe, of course, slightly modifying its design.

The proposed option is a small Cabinet with lots of shelves. Because it is placed inside, it does not need a door: access to the shelves open, which is convenient and also simplifies its manufacture.
Material for components of the locker can serve as a thick plywood or particle Board — they are both the sidewall and the roof and bottom part. For the back wall is fine thin plywood or hardboard. Shelves are cut from thick plywood (five-seven) — for greater rigidity. However, in the absence of such a suitable and thin, and the necessary rigidity is achieved due to the peculiarities of installation of shelves based on the filled or pasted on the sides of wooden slats, with spacing between them the thickness of the shelf. By the way, the same method is applicable to the installation of rigid shelves: it is convenient for those that insert into the grooves of the shelves do not require additional fixation, and can be freely removed.

Depending on what things are supposed to be stored in this locker, it can be installed on the floor of the main Cabinet or suspended in it.

The figure shows the outboard version, relying on the standard bar for the shoulder. To this end, the blanks of the sidewalls is shaped in the form of “house”, with holes at vertices in accordance with the diameter of the rod.


Internal shelf for small items

Interior a Cabinet for small things:

1 — bottom bar; 2 — shelves; 3 sidewall; 4 — back wall; 5 — roof panel; 6 — round spikes; 7 — hole rod


Before assembling all pieces of wood are carefully processed with sandpaper and painted with enamel or varnished.

Assembly starts with the locker side walls, which are attached to the support bracket shelves. The connection of the sidewalls with krysheval and bottom panels to perform better with round plug-in thorns with glue (carpenter’s, PVA). Then from the back of the small nails nailed the back wall and you can insert the shelf and ready to hang the Cabinet on the bar.

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