All the well-known miraculous properties of steam bath. It helps healthy people maintain vitality, to harden, to avoid diseases, perfectly restoring the body after physical and nervous stress. During a treatment people with later free from toxins and salts, that’s why doctors recommend that you sweat daily from physical exertion or from heat treatments.

Not less valuable steam and for sick people. The world has accumulated great experience in the prevention and treatment of warming a number of diseases. So, steam really helps renal patients, people suffering from obesity, diabetes, sciatica, gout… Finally, the bath improves sleep and appetite, gives a feeling of lightness. In short, “bath soars, bath rules, bath won’t fix…”.
Unfortunately, in modern conditions it is difficult to provide everyone with easily accessible and comfortable steam room. In addition, many simply are not satisfied with the principle of public baths.
In fact, this problem has been solved for a long time: there are portable home mini bath. However, the known design, in my opinion, does not combine ease-of-use and portability with low cost.
Propose a project portable mini sauna — a simple and inexpensive. It differs from the known fact that its design does not form a closed volume is: it is a fence with a height of 30…40 cm, having the shape of an elongated letter P. the Fence can be installed on any level surface (e.g., couch, bed, sofa), covered with a sheet and covered the top with a warm blanket. In the resulting space as in a large pencil case, lies with people covering the neck and shoulders of the free edge of the blankets so that the body is in the steam space, and head outside. Horizontal position of the body eliminates the excessive load on the cardiovascular system during heat treatments, and the position of the head on the outside improves comfort, eliminates difficulty breathing, usually associated with a small volume of the sauna.
Mini sauna:
1 — wall side of the fence, 2 — electricalcontractor, 3 — screen, 4 — couch 5 — blanket.

The air temperature inside mini-sauna rises to 70…100° C using household electricalcontractor “Breeze-2” (ETV). It is installed on the side wall of the fence in her rectangular hole so that the casing and the cord are on the outside. ETV separated from the steam space of the screen, which eliminates human contact with ETV and directs the hot air to the back, to the feet (in this regard, it is recommended to take the procedure in the socks). Screen with ETV is attached to the side wall with two rubber straps.
At any time the sauna is ventilated by opening the edge of the blanket back and (or) front: this is the contrasting temperature effects on the body.
Experience has shown that quite mode “heat-1” ETV (power 600 W) to within 15…25 min to warm up well and sweat. After the procedure, the patient takes a shower or wiping, and the underlying sheet and the edge of the blanket over the next 5… 10 min sauna operation in the mode “heating+ventilation” completely disinfected and dried. At the end of the procedure, the enclosure is folded “accordion” fold and become compact.
The design of this mini-sauna can be made at home from scrap materials. For example, the prototype was glued corrugated cardboard packaging in just one hour, but has already endured six months of almost daily use. Thus revealed qualities such as safety (both fire and human exposure), efficiency (cost of one procedure does not exceed a few rubles), efficiency (time of placement and heating does not exceed 5…10 min), compactness (when folded sauna 190x32x1 has a size of 5 cm and can be stored in any cracks between furniture, walls, etc.), cheapness and reliability.
When using a mini sauna it is necessary to observe necessary security measures. And above all — do not install it on the surface, conducting an electric current (in the bath, on the bare ground, etc.), and the case of electricalcontractor necessarily be grounded. You should also not use the bath without a screen.
It must be remembered that steam bath treatment to some people, it is therefore wise to pre-use the advice of a doctor.
In conclusion, I would like to wish the readers many pleasant moments in the mini-sauna.
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