WILL BE IN THE HOUSE WARMERPreparing for the winter days, you carefully insulated Windows, vents, entrance and balcony doors, but with the onset of cold weather felt still lack of heat… it is not necessary to contact the housing office or to the mechanic with a request to increase the Central heating battery. To increase their thermal impact quite possibly on their own and quite simple manner.

As can be seen from the given pictures, you need to install battery simple screens made of sheets of tin or plywood, which will slow down the air circulation in the district heating “accordion”, giving him the opportunity harder to warm up.

your bathroom has a modern steel plate heaters, the screen can be made of tin in the form of a horizontal bar. It is attached to a removable wooden bar docked to the bottom of the window frame (see Fig.1). In addition, if the heater is factory color “silver”, it makes sense to repaint using white, since the aluminum powder, part of the “silverfish”, greatly reduce the heat output of the convector.

Fig.1. Heat shield to steel convector
Fig.1. Heat shield to steel convector:
1 —the heater 2— the screen is horizontal (tin), 3 — bracket (wooden block), 4 — window frame box, 5 — screw.
Fig.2. Screen options for cast iron radiator

Fig.2. Screen options for cast iron radiator:
Section 1 battery, 2 screen vertical (longitudinal), 3 — bracket-screen bracket, 4 screen horizontal, 5 — a box window frame, 6 — screw.

The battery of steam heating old model — of cast iron sections — the screen is better to make a combination, consisting not only of horizontal but also vertical panels, and the wood — they create an area for more effective heating of air. The horizontal bar represents the Board-Widener sill, fitted under the window frame so that it is securely held and did not require additional fixation. Her metal angle brackets to be suspended from a vertical bar serving as the longitudinal screen.
Practice has shown that due to this retrofit heaters their heat can be increased about 20%. I hope that your house will be warmer and cozier.

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