Aircraft mechanic M. A. Masters is one of the remarkable constellation of Amateur designers, which has always been proud of the Udmurt ground. He has such serious works as Delta – and paragliders, airplane of his own design and restored Yak-18T, various tools and much more. Today all the works of the craftsman directed to complete the Assembly of a small wheeled tractor, and we invite readers to get acquainted with one of his developments — motoliberty “Mole”. On the pages of our magazine this issue was raised several times, but still remains relevant, as in most of the regions and cities of Russia, the administration is going to meet the residents, allocating land for farming. I think, this versatile unit is indispensable in many cases.

The simplicity of manufacturing and operation, lightness, small size, and versatility are the main advantages of this machine. Of course, the main purpose is plowing the garden, but if you have the blocks system, it can be used as a tool for lifting and moving loads.
Reliable, powerful enough and relatively small engine T-200 (10 HP scooter “Tula”), with forced air cooling, was the designer a basis for tillers. The T-200 has not improved, except the housing the output shaft, which was machined to a diameter of 80 mm with the purpose of fastening on the frame. The engine is in the inverted position in comparison with the regular installation, since it is not essential (due to the lack of motors in the motor type of the special lubrication system of the internal mechanisms of their career does not have to be at the bottom). With the frame it is connected in three points: support support, exhaust pipe and main support. At the first point, the motor just rests on the cradle support, and the second nozzles include one another and are clamped by the clamp, and the third case output shaft rigidly fixed Polygonatum. The fuel supply system and control the same motoroleriu.
Frame unit structurally simple and adaptable to production. The base of the bent tube (can be welded from pipe segments), which are attached to the channel is a platform with a single undercut shelf, the rack drum and support the exhaust. The platform is welded to cross beam from the corner, and it, in turn, the main and auxiliary engine mounts, the lower section of rod and mounting brackets of the anchor. The use of the frame as the exhaust pipe and muffler-simplifies layout of the power unit and reduces noise.
Motoliberty “Mole” (electrical wiring, piping and control wiring is not shown):
1 — fuel pump 2 — engine T-200,3 — carb, 4 — electroceramica, 5 — section rod top (STZ, pipe 33,5×2,8), 6 — gas tank (from moped), 7 bolts marine (Ø8). 8 — asterisk host (z=19, “IZH-Jupiter”), 9 — engine mounting basic, 10 — pull anchors (STZ, area 25×25,1,300), 11 — frame, 12 — bolt M5, 13 — poluchaut, 14 — sprocket driven (z=42 from “IZH-Jupiter”), 15 — support-exhaust, 16 — motor mount accessory, 17 —lever, kick starter, 18 — stick “strip,” 19 — shift lever, 20 — focus anchors (STZ, area 25×25,1.400), 21 — anchor (disc tractor cultivator), 22 — the lever (tube 25×25), 23 — crossbar (area 25×25,1.400), 24 — clutch lever, 25 — wire rope (steel,Ø4), 26 — the exhaust pipe of the engine, a 27 — clamp.
Frame (nodes, pipes and profiles of STZ)

Frame (nodes, pipes and profiles — from Vs):
1 — front drum support (sheet s5), 2 — prop-exhaust (pipe 32×2,5), 3 — main bearing engine (pipe 25x25x2,5, L 150), 4 — brace rod (area 25×25), 5 — schukomat (sheet s5), 6 — section rod bottom (pipe 26,8×2,5), 7 — mounting bracket anchors (sheet s3), 8 — beam (area 30×30,L260). 9 platform (channel 80x32x3), 10 — engine mounting-assist with lodgment (pipe 25×2,5), 11 — base frame (pipe 32×2,5).
Plug Assembly

The plow Assembly:
1 —the rise (STZ, pipe 33,5×2,8), 2 —longitudinal beam (STZ, pipe 40×3, L800), 3 — wheel field (belt tensioner combine harvester), 4 — pin (bolt M10), 5 — stop, 6 — wheel borozdna (belt tensioner processor), 7 — (STZ, pipe 50×32), 8 — plow, 9 — the crawler (STZ, area 25×25), 10 — knob (St3, pipe 26,8×2,5), 11 — jumper (STZ, pipe 26,8×2,5), 12 — cross (STZ, pipe 26,8×2,5), 13 — brace (STZ, area 25×25), 14 — sleeve (STZ, pipe 33,5×2,8 in), 15 loop (STZ, rod 012), 16 — axle (steel 20, a rod 034), 17 bar field (STZ, 40×40 area), 18 male (STZ, pipe 40×3), 19 — push rod (steel 20, steel 32x25x2,5), 20 — hook traction rope 21 — thrust (STZ, sheet s3).

1, 10 — bearing (STZ), 2 — washers, 3 — shaft (steel 45), 4 — the bearing 203 (2 pieces) 5 — M8 screws (4 PCs.), 6 — sprocket driven, 7,9 — flange (STZ, sheet s2), 8 — the drum housing (STZ, pipe 83×2).

The winch drum rotates in bearings. It consists of welded between two bearing housings, two disk flanges and housing made from a pipe. The drive from the engine is effected by a chain transmission with a standard motorcycle sprocket.
Plowing of land is used a plow made according to the type of equestrian Pluzhnyk of the tractor and rigidly fixed with the rack on the longitudinal beam. To the front of the longitudinal beams welded to the fork, through which omitted the axis of the connecting rod. Axle planted a field wheel and a rod — borozdna. The depth of plowing is regulated by changing the angle of the rod, and the parallelism of the fissures — the position of the striker to field strip, welded to the plug. These simple techniques greatly facilitate the labor of the Plowman, and he can only hold the plow vertically with the help of handles, pivotally mounted on the cross member. The design of the handles allows you to fold the plow, for example, during transportation of the unit in the car, or stand up for a person of any height.
The process of plowing the land, using the Mole as follows. On one edge of the treated area is set to the power unit, which is fixed in place by anchor, and on the other a plough, and together they are connected with a cable. Every time after the working stroke of the plow has to move back, that is to take the idle passage. To avoid unwanted costs time and effort, on the opposite edge of the field can be thoroughly secure one unit and feed it through the cable connecting the unit and tool that are nearby (on one side) — both turn out the workers.

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