LENS IN THE BAG...If you are going to travel, a tourist photographer carefully selects and packs its fotoscaseira. From a wide variety of fixtures, optics and assistive devices with you is the most essential, reliable and proven in operation. Depends on efficiency, quality, and overall impression of the hike — after all, a broken camera or broken the flash will not throw that has the hapless lover reluctantly to do the filming instead of moving to a precious, but, unfortunately, useless Cargo. To avoid this, the equipment should reliably protect from possible trouble: shaking, bumps, drops, dust. Regular same packaging that did not fit.

As shown by the experience of several pet mountain and Hiking 2-4th category of difficulty with these tasks copes protective bags they are Made of thick nylon type fabric avizent, or a thick tarp. Well suited for this purpose soft PU leather dimension covers are selected based on the dimensions of lenses or cameras.
For the performance of its functions, as already mentioned, the cover should be tie only dense, but also soft, resistant. This requirement is provided by his mnogosloinoi: between the outer bag and the inner lining of the lint-free flannel padded layers of foam rubber with a thickness of 5…8 mm. Workpiece sostragivajut two seams: the side and along the bottom. If the case is designed for interchangeable lens, then the interior angles are also zastrahovatsja to give the package a cylindrical shape. Is not to forget to make the drawstring for a protracted cord. Even better if them will be two to tighten towards each other.
The pattern and sequence of stitching protective case for photographic equipment
The pattern and sequence of stitching protective case for photographic equipment.

Values of the sizes of cases for certain types of photographic equipment shown in the table. More precisely the value of the dimension And can be defined as the sum of the perimeter of the item plus 40 mm at the gaps and seams. Size B is equal to the height of the piece plus the diameter |IAS largest size and plan] and 40 mm at the gaps and seams.

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