SHELF-WIREGlass shelf very well with the mirror. But to mount glass on glass is not so easy. So usually shelf clips different ways under the mirror on the wall. However the design is not the same. Also have to mess up the wall, and this is particularly undesirable if it is tiled.

Meanwhile, the problem is solved simply. Made of steel wire with a diameter of 4-5 mm bent space frame (as shown in the figure). Its ends secured on the back side of the mirror using “liquid nails” (epoxy glue, self-hardening plastics), and to the corners of ledges stacked glass shelf. The ends of the wire before bonding can be lubricated (vaseline, cream), then the frame will be removable.

If the mirror is mounted on a substrate of particleboard or plywood, then mount the shelf frame is further simplified. Its ends can be mounted on the back side of the substrate brackets of nails without caps or drill them from the side ends of the hole-nests.


Wire frame for glass shelves

Wire frame for glass shelves:

1 — mirror; 2 — glass shelf; 3 — wire frame; 4 — “liquid nails”

Protruding above the surface of the shelf of the frame serve as stops for the glass and fences standing on it items.

The wire frame should be painted with paint, matching color with the bathroom decor, and you can put on it and buy a PVC pipe .


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