RIPPER HIVIn recent years, more and more supporters of progressive subsurface tillage. Individual gardeners produce it with a fork. One time there was a Ripper Berezutsky. In contrast, the proposed tool is more compact and lightweight, and make it will not be a problem for any grower.

To conventional forks on the back side welded to the gusset plate of steel with a thickness of 2.5 — 3 mm. the bottom has a longitudinal pad, which is at work rests on the soil. The last part of the headscarf is an “axis” around which the fork rotates, Wrigley soil.
Install the gusset on the fork is possible without welding — clamps. With this simple addition process non-moldboard soil processing is much faster and easier than just using a fork.
A. PARTIN, Ekaterinburg

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