THE PILLAR OF HEALTH!Complex sports equipment is necessary today for any home and especially that in which there are children. Ring, rope, rope ladder, horizontal bar and the Swedish wall — all this contributes to the harmonious physical development of the child. making it agile, strong and sturdy. I must say that the recent time, the complexes containing all these sports equipment, you can find in sports stores. However, almost all designs if do not require for their accommodation a special room, still occupy a significant area.

I want to offer an “economy” sports complex: all the members of his sports equipment are mounted but a single pole and crossbar, attached to the ceiling. So, on the Desk is a staircase that plays the role of the Swedish walls, and ceiling cross — rope, rope ladder, rings and horizontal bar.
Design of sports complex — combined. Vertical stand — wooden, square bar with cross-section 100 X 100 mm. In the lower part of the bar holes on 16 mm, it is necessary to lock in bogt-dombra. The top of the strut slotted two hole in the shape of a cross |if you look on the counter top]. The width of the groove corresponds to the diameter of the pipe, from which it is supposed to weld the spider of the ceiling.
Ceiling spider is mounted by welding of pipe sections with a diameter of 42 X H mm, as shown in the drawings. With the inward facing ceiling) side cover plate is welded – steel plate 3 mm thick. To each apex of the ceiling cross braces welded nut with thread M10; they are rolled bolts (the hat each of them had glued a rubber washer)— you need to ensure that their heads were in the same plane and evenly against the ceiling when installed in the room.
In each of the four beams of the cross holes with a diameter of 8.2 mm under eye bolts, curved and welded from steel rod threaded M8 at one end. Fixation eye-Botov — nuts with lock nuts.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. “Post-range” – the compact sports trainer:
1 – ceiling crossbar, 2 – eyebolts with nuts and washers, 3 – rope of cotton rope), 4 – gymnastic rings suspension , 5 – bracket, 6 – rings (cuts steel or duralumin tubes with a diameter 22,25 mm), 7 – crossbeams of the Swedish wall, 8 – hour, 9 – foot, 10-gasket 11 – the ring 12 – of the Jack nut with thread M14 13 – washer 14 – bolt Jack, 15 – nylon or cotton cords, 16 bar, 17 stretching, 18 – the bar (on the main form is not shown verevochka the stairs, And gymnastic rings).
Fig. 2. Ceiling cross
Fig. 2. Ceiling spider:
1, 2 beam Crosses (steel pipe, diameter 42 X 3 mm), 3 – solitaire (Shalina plate thickness of 3 mm), 4 – strip (rubber thickness of 3 mm), 5-nut with thread M10). 6 — adjusting threaded bolt M1O.

The complex can be installed in any place of the room and lock with his kind of Jack in the bottom of the rack. It is quite suitable for bolt with thread M14 with a length of 150 mm, a nut and a large washer with an outside diameter of about 30 mm and a thickness of 4 mm. To Jack, you will also need heel, which is a steel plate in the thickness 6…8 mm, one side of which is welded a ring cut from a pipe of suitable diameter, and with another — glued rubber (you can use part of the rubber Mat). To secure the rack crossbar in the room, it should be installed vertically and twisting the nut of the Jack, natugo wedge the structure between the floor and ceiling. Immediately want to stipulate that in old houses with Popova boards lying on the joists, this method of installation to use is not necessary — it will not provide adequate strength and rigidity. Also note that if the room is parquet pop, pasted with bitumen mastic, then after a while it can start to be squeezed from under the parquet staves, and the staves — peel off from the base. However, this occurs only when the sing of the mastic too thick. In this space better to use the heel of the larger, laminated of plywood disks to a thickness of 20…25 mm. plywood To the heel (same as steel) is glued on one side rubber on the other to a depth of about 5 mm is chosen in a round hole in accordance with the size of the bolt head of the Jack.
The equipment of the sports complex can be very different. In particular, the rack can be hung from the rope, and if you fail to get ready, it is possible to weave even from the clothesline. Please note only that it must be cotton, not nylon rope — the latter can seriously damage the hands.
Not too difficult to make and a rope ladder. It will require a nylon cord or cotton [nylon) strap and rails of circular cross section with a diameter of 30 mm. to secure the slats of the slats, it is necessary to weave the cord in half and at each intersection it with a step (step and 300-400 mm) to do a double loop. The belt rails are fixed with nylon twine.
To make gymnastic rings, you will need a nylon cord or cotton strap and the two rings, curved steel or duralumin tubes with a diameter of 22-25 mm. the Inner diameter of the ring should be about 250 mm. To adjust the position of the rings relative to the floor is provided a simple device consisting of a pin with a ring that is inserted in one of the holes on the vertical rack.
Is also mounted on the front crossbar. However, it will not “spin the sun”, but to catch up and do other simple exercises is quite real. Rail will need a steel pipe ø 30X2,5 mm, welded thereto U-shaped clamp is bent from a steel strip with a thickness of 4 mm and a width of 50 mm. the Side brackets should be cut, by which the crossbar is fixed on the rails-the steps of the Swedish wall. The console end of the crossbar is fixed by two steel ropes, passed through the eyebolt on the end of the bar and secured to the ends of the ceiling beams of the cross.
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