SHELVES FOR BOTTLES...In this mounted mesh shelf is very convenient to keep stock of a wide variety of drinks in bottled packaging—from soda and wine to yoghurt. They are visible at all times, easily accessible and take up little space.


To make this bookcase from the Bulgarian magazine “Guide itself” recommends of smoothly planed boards with a thickness of 20 mm and a width Of 70 mm. they will need to cut 18 splash pages, 8 of which with a length of 600 mm will go to the horizontal shelves and 10 length 480 mm—vertical partition.
To collect them from the shelf, each workpiece to the distance shown in the drawing, propisyvayutsya the grooves on the half-width of boards in the thickness of the workpiece. Such grooves in all the horizontal elements will be 5 pieces, and the vertical—4. The density and subsequent strength of the mutual connection of the splash will depend on the accuracy and precision of the implementation of these cuts.
After performing the grooves of the Board again carefully sanded and polished, otherwise the work will have to make in the finishing of the product after final Assembly.
The bookcase is made practically independent of the two wire mesh shelves, each of which has 12 cells and consists of 4 horizontal and 5 vertical pieces. Consider first, how are the constituent elements, for example, one shelf.
Vertical and horizontal workpiece mutual joined by shifting them to each other opposite grooves. You can do it in different ways. For example, first, all vertical billet insert in the grooves in one horizontal blank, and then flip the unit and insert the remaining three horizontal. Perhaps the connection boundary pairs: two vertical and two horizontal at first, and then the resulting “window” is filled with middle elements.
Wire mesh wood shelf
Mesh, wooden shelf:
1—partition; 2—horizontal shelves; 3—connecting bars; 4—loop for hanging

After you have assembled both a standalone unit shelves, put them next to the indent from each other at a distance of 100 mm and connect to each other using fastening wooden bars with cross-section 20×20 mm and length 240 mm (instead of bars can be used metal corners). The bars are screwed with screws to the horizontal or vertical members, as it is convenient to work with a screwdriver. Again, for convenience and to facilitate the screwing of the screw in bars can be pre-drilled a corresponding hole diameter, and the screws rubbed with soap.
If you look closely at the picture, it is easy to see that the shelves are deployed connected to each other so that the vertical elements are directed with their slots in opposite directions, and horizontal, on the contrary, towards each other. This is done to ensure that, if necessary, removing loose horizontal shelf, you can increase the height of the cell volume.
Such shelves can be used as table and wall. In the latter case, to mount to side and middle vertical members at their upper ends are screwed to metal lugs.
As always if you use the wood and trim will depend on the texture of the surface. If wood patterns of winning and the material is free from knots—it is better to cover the finished product transparent furniture varnish in several layers with intermediate drying. When you want to hide flaws in the wood, instead of transparent it is better to take dark nail varnish, disguise pre-treatment of surface stains. This can be used when adjacent shelves are the furniture in the room a dark color. But if painted better and bookcase paint suitable nitro or enamel paint. In addition, for a more decorative edge details can be darker or even a different color.

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