In a closed wall shelves and kitchen table-Cabinet to store awkward bulky utensils such as pots, pans, colanders, and modern means of mechanization: sokovarki, mixers, food processors. At the same time most of them have quite an aesthetic appearance, which is worthy to them are not hidden away from the eyes, but rather left in sight as a decorative elements. And another thing: in the kitchen there is always an angle, uncomfortable furniture. In a small area — is impermissible extravagance.

To eliminate the mentioned inconveniences and aims the proposal of the German magazine “Praktik” open corner Cabinet-shelves. (Cabinet dimensions approximate and can be adjusted.) On its shelves will comfortably accommodate all of that in other places only in the way; utensils will be on view and always at hand. To make such a case under any force, because its design is simple and the material is quite affordable — DSP.
You will need two panels of size 2000×400 and 2000×385 mm (for corner stands) and three panels in the size 385×385 mm (flange and cover).
Plane and the edges of all blanks must be carefully treated with sandpaper and primed, and then cover with bright enamel in several layers with intermediate drying and processing of small skin. Painting of panels of chipboard is dictated not only aesthetic but also environmental requirements, as enamel will protect from harmful emissions of chipboards with synthetic binder resins.
Corner Cabinet-bookcase
Corner Cabinet-bookcase:
1 panel-front; 2 — shelves.
Preparation for receiving the shelves
Preparation for receiving the shelves.
Fasteners for shelves

Fasteners for shelves:
1 — ship wood; 2 — foot metal strip and screw M5.

Build corner stands as possible on the screws and nails. The same applies to the fastening of the triangular shelves and roof. However, to maintain variability in the levels of the shelves they can rely on plug-in wood studs or metal strips, which podrugina shelves, “choose” a possible backlash from inaccurate sawing or a small deviation in size.
Of course, this “skyscraper” in the kitchen can serve not only for storing pots, but also for products in metal or plastic containers, and even for placing flowers or seedlings. And not only in the kitchen but also in the country, in the garage, in the cellar.

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