TABLE FOR GROWTHWell, if the child has a table for games and activities. But it would be even better if the table is always appropriate for the age, or rather of the growth of the baby. Design table proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”, allows you to adjust its height. This is achieved by the fact that the legs are made separately and attached to the table furniture bolts with wing nuts. Thus, it is possible to change the level of their installation, choosing a pair of suitable holes.

The figure shows the design options, wherein the decision table casing: with shelves, niches in the base and with a box (optionally with two drawers).

Detail is given to the design of the first option as the easiest to manufacture. Moreover, his decision provides for two-way use of the table when it is installed to the wall of one of the ends.

The body of the table is made of furniture Board or particle Board. It consists of two sidewalls, the horizontal and vertical panels of the table supports and the tabletop. The connection of all parts between a plug — in round thorns with glue (carpentry, casein, PVA). In the sidewalls of drilled through holes for the furniture bolts for fixing to the legs.

The legs are assembled from wooden bruskov section 60×30 mm, with the same plug-in round thorns and glue. After Assembly in the vertical bars are drilled holes for the mounting bolts. It is convenient to use the side with holes as the conductor.

If the shelves underframes are on the same level, forming a horizontal bar can be solid, and the vertical bar separators are installed on carried. However, perhaps another solution where the shelves are located at different levels. Then the horizontal panels are made separately and are attached to the longitudinal vertical panel (also with spikes), which becomes the primary carrier. To it is attached the transverse (separation) of the vertical bar that divides the shelf into two separate sections, which can optionally be integrated with one or two drawers.

Multilevel shelves, of course, somewhat harder to manufacture, but more user-friendly: to a lesser of them are all sorts of “stuff” (e.g., notebooks, albums, boxes with paints, crayons, markers), and more books.

If the housing is assembled from furniture boards, practically does not require processing, it is possible to confine the painting or gluing of the edges of the shields spanaway or a plastic strip.

In the case of applications for housing table particle Board all panels must be painted with oil or enamel paints (for environmental requirements). Thus to effectively use different colors: for example, for tabletops and underframes single tone, and side legs and out the other.


Versions of children's table adjustable height

Options children’s table adjustable height:

A — shelves; B — with a drawer and an open compartment; 1 — leg; 2 — furniture bolt with nut-lamb; 3 — top; 4—sides; 5— longitudinal bulkhead; 6,7 — shelves; 8 — transverse wall; 9 — thrust bearing

Before painting all the panels of chipboard are carefully trimmed by a sandpaper. The paint is applied by brush or roller in several layers, with thorough drying of each layer. If necessary intermediate sanding of the surface.

Sharp edges and corners to dull previously better a whetstone or a file, to avoid injury. With the same purpose, it is necessary to cut the protruding ends of the bolts.

For greater stability of the table the bottom of the legs it is advisable to line the heel cushions made of wooden lugs glued on them protective strips of felt or felt, so as not to scratch the floor.

Protecting the countertop from mechanical damage (and also teach a child to care and frugality, without limiting the types of it occupations at the table), it is advisable to cut from a sheet of thin plywood, hardboard, rubber, or plastic a special litter. Its size may correspond to the half or quarter of the square of the tabletop.

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