TABLE-FUNGUSIts round tabletop and the same support can be of different diameters depending on the purpose of table: to be coffee, chess, or stand for flowers. Here for the latter and proposed a variant of its construction by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”.

So, a table for colors. It consists of three main parts: the support, racks and countertops. The sizes are given as indicative and subject to change in accordance with the plans, the size of flower pots and features of the plant: whether curly, flowing, spreading, low-growing or high. From here you can select the stand height and the size of the tabletop.
The diameter of the prop can be lower than the countertop, if it does not affect the stability of the table. As well as it is not necessary that this pair was a round shape: no worse, and maybe even will look better square, hexagonal, multifaceted.
The same applies to strut: if it is difficult to make chiseled, it will replace the timber of square section. It is important only that the top and bottom end with studs for connection with a support and top.
Protochny table
Protochny table:
1 — bearing; 2 — strut; 3 — top; 4 — leg (3 pieces)

However, to obtain chiseled racks do not have to resort to using a lathe. Round billet it is possible to twist, like a snake, any tape, and the spaces between its coils gradually grind down round by bastard a file with subsequent grinding of the resulting grooves with emery paper. A thorough Stripping and requires support from the top. The thus treated wood should be covered with several layers of furniture Polish. If the room is dominated by dark furniture before spraying the elements of the table it is necessary to impregnate the stain.
Strut connected to the tabletop and the support due to the thick planting of her spikes on any glue: carpentry, casein, PVA. The bottom support legs are fastened to three wooden dice.

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