TABLE-PACKAGEIt may be appropriate for the kitchen and the nursery, and at the cottage would be comfortable due to the peculiarities of its construction — if necessary, the table folds up, taking up half of the square, becoming a kind of narrow bedside table.
The need for this kind of furniture is clear: as a rule, there is always a need for the entire surface of the table, and he takes a lot. So there are many options to reduce, if necessary, the dimensions of the tabletop: they are sliding-sliding, rotating, composite, folding — depending on the way of such a temporary “miniaturization”. In this embodiment, proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” use the principle of rotation of the supporting table supports with lowering more than half the countertops.

This table can be made of commercially available so-called furniture Board or particle Board. Its dimensions are not specified as they will depend on the specific site conditions and functional requirements of such furniture. However, one recommendation size is still needed is the height of the table. It is usually dictated by a private function for which you intend to use the table: if the dining — 720 mm, in-role writing— 680 mm, as a work—up to 850 mm.

Constructive considering can be divided into two parts. The main, hard part of the — supporting: it mounted the other elements of the table; and a transformable part of the moving parts.

The supporting part consists of two side panels-legs, connected by two crossbars, and mounted on top of the narrow part of the countertop. All these elements are connected rigidly, using plug-in round thorns-nogepa or furniture corners and screws.

Transformable part are not independent, it is hinged using a piano hinge, is attached to the main, reference, and consists of three panels: a wide portion of the table top, attached to a narrow, two rotary supports for her, bonded with panel legs main part of the table. Turning the panels must be slightly shorter legs, to be able to turn without touching and scratching the floor.


Table folding


1 — panel-legs of the main part; 2 — bearing swivel; 3 — we omit the widest part of the countertop; 4 — piano hinge; 5 — rail; 6 — narrow worktops

Folding table

Folding table


Folding table is as follows. Holding with a hand the widest part of the countertop, turn out the other one first pivot bearing, then the second— so that they clung to the legs of the main part. Then gently lower the widest part of table top: a table turns into a narrow package. The folding table is in the reverse order.

Finish folding table depends on used for its production materials. If it was the furniture Board — the blanks, you only need to turn over the edges and place the cut, and then cover all the furniture with lacquer. Blanks of particleboard before Assembly, carefully cleaned with emery cloth and painted with enamel paints (preferably in several layers).

If necessary, between the panels, legs of the main part can be built open or disguised drop the tops of the shelves.

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