AREA SEAMSTRESSFor a good housewife sewing machine still for home craftsman — drill with the tool: things are absolutely necessary. But in that and in other case to work and still want to carve out at least a small area. How to equip for employment of sewing — tells the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster”.


Outwardly unremarkable narrow locker-column with a small nightstand next. But you open the doors of the bedside tables for them is a manual sewing machine. However, do not rush to put it on the nightstand: so work would be possible, but awkward; better would be a small table. This headset is equipped. It is the role of the middle panel of the locker columns. Then lower it and fold attached to the corner joints of the frame: the panel will become the top, and caught in her frame — a kind of anchor legs.
Now you can remove the cover from the machine and setting it on the table, convenient to operate. Especially because everything is at hand: on the shelves in the offices of the speakers has everything you need for sewing.
Special attention on the design of the sewing area. Both components of its subject matter, though United into one, run on its own.
“Suite” for sewing:
1 — table with a sewing machine; 2 — Cabinet-column with hinged top

The layout of the “headset” for sewing:
1 — side panel cabinets; 2 — door cabinets; 3 — the bottom of the cabinets; 4 — panel upper cabinets (lid); 5 — handle; 6 — loops piano; 7 — outlet; 8 — sidewall Cabinet-column; 9 — fitting drawers; 10 shelves; 11 — panel tabletop folding; 12 — nemocnica (front multi-pin); 13 — switch; 14 — lamp (sent); 15 — doors; 16 — rear wall of the Cabinet; 17 — an arm of the support frame; 18 — reference frame is U-shaped, pivoting (in General conventionally not shown)

The design of the tables is not particularly difficult. Two side panels are the main supporting part: it is imposed on them and mounted on plug-in round thorns and glue the top panel cover. In the same way (on the spikes) is installed between the sidewalls of the bottom panel. On the sides also hung on piano hinges or other door; finally, nailed to the sidewalls and rear wall. The last (and columns) are made of thin plywood or hardboard; all other parts of furniture Board or particle Board.
The same materials used to build the Cabinet, speakers. His reference also is made up of two sidewalls with the rear wall of hardboard. The front part is formed by four panels. Three of them (bottom and two top) is the same; they are the doors of the respective compartments of the column, inside which, on two shelves. Average large bar opening in the upper part held by magnetic or ball snaps, and the bottom having a hinge (any design: Vostochnye or piano hinges, swivel axis). The corners of the top panels have cutouts for mounting brackets are installed inside the rotary U-shaped frame. When lowering panels-countertops this frame shifts in the external position and becomes the legs thus formed of the table. The frame is assembled from wooden bars; brackets made of steel angles, one of the holes in them — axis under the hinge pin.
“Set” in position
Turning unit to support the top
Swivel to support the top:
1 — top; 2 — neck speed under the arm; 3 — bracket; 4 — axis (screw); 5 — magnetic latch; 6 — supporting frame is U-shaped

Separation column located behind the panel-top, has three shelves and accessories: metallic accessories boxes (for buttons, hooks, needles, etc.); multi-pin stand under the spools of thread; a directional lamp with on / off switch to it. Provided and plug the outside speakers to connect to the network, if the machine is electric.
If the main parts of the area were made of particle Board all surfaces must be painted with enamels, in two colors: one for all sidewalls and the top panel of the tables; another — for all faceplates.

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