the JACK ON WHEELSthe heavier the car or the unit, the more powerful Jack is required for lifting during the repair in the workshop or in the field. But the more powerful the lift, so it is heavier, and this means that it will require more effort — those who it is intended… to save.

Fig. 1. Mobile lift:
1 truck, 2 motor starter, 3 — oil pump (PS-10), 4 — control faucet, 5 — speed controller hoist, 6 — three-phase motor (3kW), 7 — oil tank capacity, 8 — bypass valve 9 — the Jack.

A way out of this seemingly vicious circle to offer young innovators from Lithuanian Vabalninkas farm-College. They have developed portable (1400X500X700 mm) mobile hydraulic lift, which components are mounted on a small three-wheeled cart. Available On its platform three-phase motor starter, oil pump and the oil container, which is supplied in the set then the Jack control valve and bypass valve. Speed of lifting rod of the Jack can be adjusted, which provides additional convenience when mounting heavy equipment.
The lift operates as follows. The cart rolled under the car or unit, is designed to lift and includes a motor starter. The motor actuates the oil pump. At the same time he Jack is not yet included in the work: the distribution arm of the crane has a neutral position in which the oil just circulates in the hydraulic system. But enough to move the handle to position “lift”, as the oil begins to flow into the cylinder of the Jack, and the rod is gradually extended. The required speed of the lift set by the regulator. Upon completion of the distribution arm of the crane is transferred to the down position, the rod of the Jack retracts to its original status, and the supported unit is omitted.
The lift can be used in field conditions: in the absence of mains it operates using a manual pump. The Jack on wheels can lift up to 5 tons of cargo.

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