SPEAKERS PC WILL BE BETTER(Four steps to excellence). 1. Noise reduction (background with a frequency of 50 Hz). In parallel, each diode in the rectifier of the AC power supply (PS) located in the body of one of the speakers, connect a non-polar capacitor type КМ6 (or similar) with a capacity of 0.01 microfarads. In addition, the parallel output SP to filter the background set compact electrolytic capacitor HITANO company with a capacity of 3300 UF at a working voltage of 25 V is ineffective capacitor 1000 UF. These simple improvements reduce background noise with a frequency of 50 Hz present in the cheap versions of the speakers made in China.

2. Reduction of acoustic noise step-down transformer
Noise step-down transformer in the power unit of the amplifier speaker system (as) columns can be reduced in a simple way: unsolder the insights output winding step-down mains transformer of the PCB, then clean with acetone the outer surface of W-shaped plates, then gently apply a thin layer of glue “super moment-gel” on the surface of the plates and not letting the glue dry, fix the plate with tape. Natural heating of the transformer temperature does not exceed +40°C, therefore, the use of tape in this embodiment is fireproof.
3. The decrease in the brightness of the on indicator personal computer speakers (PC)
The led indicating power is applied to the amplifier circuit as the speakers, burns brightly and defiantly, “catches the eye” when working with a PC. When enabled, the restrictive constant of the resistor (3 kω) in the circuit of LEDs instead of standard constant of resistor MLT-0,25 resistance 470 Ohm, the luminescence intensity decreases and the luminous flux coming from the case speaker, will not be so evident when working with PC, especially at night.
4. Elimination of mechanical detonations
When playing music and speech with high volume speakers brand SP-324A-QC showed a background noise, caused by fluctuation of the plastic housing the speakers for the sound pressure inside. The same defect have almost all models cheap as columns implemented in a plastic housing. To remedy the defect case both columns need to disassemble and lay the connection of the plastic housing parts automotive sealant (the color of the body column). Then the housing to collect and pave sealant also places the screw connection of the screws that fix the plastic walls of the buildings to one another. After completing the procedure, allow it to dry autoerotica within the hour. Type of sealant can be any.
These ways can improve the efficiency of all models of speakers for the PC.
A. KASHKAROV, St. Petersburg

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