MATTING WORKS WONDERSIf you think about it, furniture design mainly concerns the appearance of objects, and the main elements of the design still remain. So, you can transform old furniture. Take, for example, the kitchen table. What’s wrong with it, still? Rustic? Yes, but the new is not difficult. Except that instead of top sheets they are beautiful and practical plastic. Old outdated painted with oil paint? True. But the magazine “Burda” tells an original way to finish, after which even veteran communal kitchen furniture will look better than other contemporary “modernism”. And only need matting or Mat, since they now often are found on sale.

Mat or matting is better to take with the netting is larger, then the finished surface will look spectacular. Cut out the blanks under each plane separately: sidewalls, doors, ground boards, boxes — your rectangle. To cut the edges of the matting are not scattered, they need to gently smear any glue and allow to dry.
Take a pasty glue — Bustilat or PVA. Thickly smear scheduled under tight Mat surface. The thickness of the adhesive layer must not be great that he would then not squeezed through the cracks in the mats.
The prepared surface applied carved matting and thoroughly rolled down with a roller, rolling pin or regular bottle. Well then while the glue sets, the top lay a film, lay a sheet of plywood and press down oppression.
But the surface is covered and the table do not know. But that’s not all. The edges of the mats, however carefully they may be sealed, leaving the impression of something unfinished. And it’s true: they have yet to cover and decorative piping. What can be used carefully sanded and coated with furniture varnish narrow wooden strips or glazing beads. Each Mat in this case is, like painting, in its separate frame. The most impressive it will look if, instead of slats to use half of the bamboo rods, for example, an old ski pole. Varnished, they naturally harmonize with the finish and the color of the matting. A short cropping of bamboo no less impressive look as handles for doors and drawers. To fasten them comfortably with thin nails otkusannymi hats, so they were invisible.
On the frame for the mirror and the box colors are the same matting and bamboo
On the frame for the mirror and the box colors are the same matting and bamboo.

So fits the blank Mat ia prepared adhesive surface
So fit the blank Mat ia prepared adhesive surface.
Tray, manufactured using matting
The tray, manufactured using matting.
The same Mat will make unrecognisable the old kitchen table
The same Mat will make unrecognisable the old kitchen table.
For finishing countertops as the glue is better to use epoxy resin or parquet varnish: densely coat the surface, put and roll the Mat and fluff again over the top. But if the top plank Mylar or Plexiglas, it turns out shiny, like polished, the surface of the countertop that is not only beautiful but also durable, not worse than plastic.
This technology is applicable not only to update the table, but also to modernize old cabinets, shelves, doors, closets, boxes for flowers, and even decorative mirrors and paintings. Covered with the same material, they will look like the original modern set.

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