In good weather, sit on the balcony at a table with a book or chess, drink tea, or, conversely, soft drinks. However, the rest of the table is an obstacle on the cramped balcony area. Output in the manufacture of collapsible or folding option. One of the types of compact balcony table offers Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”. It is a folding design, which is a folded flat package on the wall, and after folding — a neat table with a semicircular top.

For its production will need furniture Board or particle Board, from which ordinary hacksaw cut into the necessary details. Four of them: the actual top, base, spacer and support the countertop, playing the role of the legs. The last three items are obtained from one sheet dimensions 970×670 mm.
Base mounted on a balcony in place: through drilled holes recessed in the wall, inserted the plastic dowels or wooden plugs and screwed in the screws.
Countertop is procured from a separate sheet with dimensions 900×650 mm. After the fillets are nailed from the bottom to her two small bar with a 25-mm gap between them to fix the legs when folding the table. The end of the table top or piano Vostochnoi loop attached to the base.
Folding balcony table
Folding balcony table:
1 — top; 2 — bars-clamps legs; 3 — a socket under the hinge (2 pieces); 4 — loop (6 PCs); 5 — base; 6 — spacer; 7 — foot
Since the table is designed to relax and give the balcony some comfort, all its parts, if they are chipboard, painted with bright enamel paints (after a thorough treatment with sandpaper). Procurement of furniture Board, you can simply refresh your furniture with lacquer.

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