I was issued patent No. 1716953 for the invention of puzzle games “Pilot”. Offer this game to the readers. I hope many people are interested in. From the famous game of “15” it is not only chips, but also their form.

The toy itself is easy to manufacture. You can use the bones dominoes. Square game element — “ship” — from them. I think that from the picture everything is clear. Will only make the playing field — the Ouija Board-a box with low sides, not gripping the bone when moving.
The task of playing is to hold “the boat” from the bottom right corner of the playing field at the top left loose corner — “the harbour”, alternately moving the rectangular elements of the game — “reefs”.
The figure shows one of the starting slot positions. His “boat” can hold in 111 moves. Maybe someone of the readers will find a shorter solution.
Any valid starting position of game elements — from the very simple to the very complex. It is necessary to observe only one important condition: the initial situation must be such that the problem eventually was solved.
Despite the apparent technical simplicity, this game is a challenging puzzle game. I am sure that many will hold her for hours, trying to overcome “the reefs” and hold the “boat”.
I wish you all good luck!

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