SAND IN THE ROLE OF THE PRESSIn the manufacture or repair of products in the home often have to glue the parts (and more parts) of various materials relevant brands of glue, good in selling their great variety — from generic to special. But an indispensable condition for the quality of the joining parts, even superglue are the need to fasten tightly pressed surfaces, and aging them under pressure to complete drying or polymerization of the binder is from several minutes to days, depending on the brand of glue and applied technology.

If the surface is flat or steep, then dock them together is a snap with the help of clamps or a suitable load. But in practice it is often necessary to glue together a complex curved surface inelastic (soft) parts, uniform pressing of which to each other to provide a challenge even under pressure.

In such a situation, can save… regular sugar (or any granular material, for example — available grits).

If you use sand, it should be dried to become “fluid”, and sifting, separating of large inclusions: pebbles, pebbles.

To create a “loose” pressing need soft packaging — pouches from film or thick fabric. Using plastic bags, they need to invest for the reliability of one another — in fact accidentally caught on the bonding surface of the sand grains can considerably impair the business. Fill the bag should be no more than 2/3, and plastic bags need to squeeze the free air.


“Sandy” bonding technology details:

1 — the base (floor); 2 — underlying layer of sand (cushion); 3 — the lower part; 4 — upper part; 5 — prigruz-pressure distributor out of the bag with sand; 6— cargo

Shoe repair for

Shoe repair for “sandy” technology:

1 —base; 2—sub-base of sand; 3 — Shoe; 4—sand “Shoe” to wear; 5 — prigruz sand; 6 — cargo


Mating parts should be laid on any base, or a soft pillow so that the bonding surface is located more or less horizontally and the imposition on them of the load is not off one another.

At the given technology it is possible to glue not only fragile and subtle details, but, for example, behind the sole of the Shoe at home. Thus as the bag can use a regular sock, shoved it inside the Shoe and fill with sand. As the density of the fabric sock and a small fine grains of sand can “leak” through it inside the Shoe, the better the sock previously put in a plastic bag.


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