TIME! AND RAZBOROVHow much trouble beginners (and not only) drivers delivers the operation to dismantle and mounting of tires of the wheels of the cars! Bent rims, ripped the side of the tire, zakazanye mount cameras and even hurt the fingers — frequent companions of this work. Therefore, many car owners prefer to go to the car wash and entrust it to the professionals, that has its known disadvantages. (Besides, as someone was subtle: tire punctures happen more often, farther from the service are).

Taking into account all the above, I set a goal: to develop a simple and compact device, working together with Jack (available in a kit of any car) and facilitate Razborov and zabostovki tires.

For reviews of friends of motorists who had to use this manufactured device, and based on personal experience I can say that the problem is solved quite successfully.

The device consists of three parts (Assembly units) that has a very simple design. They can be made with homebrew-vehicle enthusiast with basic plumbing skills.

The device and principle of action of devices is clear from photographs and drawings.






1 — plate (STZ, sheet s4); 2 — the Central pin (STZ, rod d24); 3 — extreme pin (STZ, rod d8, 2 PCs.)

Strap — steel plate with dimensions mm. 140x36x4 To it, perpendicular to its plane, is welded on a three-screw (M8) pin: one in the middle and two at the ends. Extreme mounting pins are the same — simple studs. The distance between them on the bar corresponds to the diameter of the circle on which the centers of the mounting holes of the disc wheel car (“Zhiguli” — 100 mm). The Central pin is stepped down below his collar heel, above — the swollen portion, verho — rod-axle with threads on the end. The collar serves for better stability, thicker portion for maintaining the rod at the height of the wheel rim, ster-Jen-axis — for fixing one of the rod ends on the web.

The mounting pins on the plate — using any available method: screw-in with lock nuts, raskladnoy in square holes, etc., if only the pins would not fly and does not rotate. I have inserted these details into a steep hole with a diameter of 8 mm in the bottom plate and welded to it. With the aim of accelerating the installation of fixtures on the wheel for the pins you selected the appropriate wing nuts (if there are none, then you can do normal).

The rod is made of steel rod with a diameter of 16 mm. One end is sharpened on the profile of mounting the blades and well polished. Near the profile surface and in its plane, the rod drilled hole with a diameter of 9 mm. the Other end bent in a heated state by the hook and here, near the end is also drilled the same hole, only the axis perpendicular to the axis of the hole at the other end of the rod.


Wire rope — steel. Its diameter is chosen such that it has doubled easily passed through the lower hole in the mast-heel and in the longitudinal groove of the Jack stand into which it is inserted for operation. The rope bound into the ring. But the place of the cords it is better to leave out-of-area “broach” is to throw it on a support (brace) or on the bracket of the Jack.


Set fixture

Kit accessories:

1 — rod; 2 — lath; 3 — wire


The installation of the device before operation razborova tyres

The installation of the device before operation razborova tires


Fixture when removing the tyre operates as follows. First, on the wheel disc with extreme pins and wing nuts fastens the placket. Then the straight end of the rod is put under the tyre bead (mounting paddle), and its curved end fits over the Central pin in the strap and secured with the wing nut. Further, in one of the closest of the tube of the Windows in the wheel disc, a “balloon” key (head up) and he jumped the lower release — loop cable ring. The other issue, previously missed under the rod and into the hole in the heel, superimposed on the bracket of the Jack. After that the Jack is mounted on the rod, and its handle rotates “on the rise”, i.e. clockwise. The cable is thus “selected” and move the rod with the Jack to the place of attachment of the lower loop of the cable (to the head of the wheel bolt wrench), and the straight end of the rod displays the side of the tyre on the wheel rim. Then the brace is relocated to another window and operation continues.

When you replace the tires the second Board is displayed the same way on the same side of the disc. The force on the handle of the Jack when doing work about the same as when lifting the car.

For mounting the tire on the wheel changes the position of the rod. Now its curved end is introduced between the rim and the bead of the tire, and the straight end is fixed to the Central web strap. The key position, the cable and the Jack are the same as when you dismount the tire.


The process of Dismounting a tire using the tool, staff Jack and wheel bolt wrench

The process of Dismounting a tire using the tool, staff Jack and wheel bolt wrench

The process of mounting tires on a wheel rim using fixtures, standard Jack and wheel bolt wrench (ie visible behind the bus)

The process of mounting tires on a wheel rim using fixtures, standard Jack and wheel bolt wrench (ie visible behind the bus)


Fixture designed for the Jack of the car “Zhiguli”, but when adjusting some of the dimensions of the parts can be made for other jacks of different brands of cars.

The use of the device is particularly effective when installing tires with stiff sidewalls. But most importantly — remain in the safety of not only the wheels and tires, but also my hands.

The reliability of the fixture provided by the simplicity of its design. The weight of the device (no standard equipment) — a little more than a pound; and it fits in the tool bag along with a set of tools.

O. BLACK, L in g a n s K, Ukraine

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