THE SERPENT-GIANTOur snakes are not the greatest. Giant will not be called, but a Pelican can. Its length 1.6, width of 2 m (Fig. 1). Serpent box, ocrilim — this gives it a similarity to the first aircraft.

Frame snake fabricated from pine slats with a cross-section 15X15 mm. also Suitable bamboo sticks, the dural tube Ø 12-15 or parts of 15X15 mm. All you will need: four strips with a length of 1600 mm, 2000 mm one, two 1200 and two 800 mm Material cutting in pattern 2. The cloth (Fig. 2A) stitch. For krylkov (Fig. 2B) make a pattern from heavy paper, life-size, so they turned out the same. Along the perimeter of the paintings and krylkov vsheyte thin twine and in these figure points tie him “tails” for attachment on the frame. Space around the “tails” additionally, panel fabric, as shown in figure 2 (node a).
At the ends of the longitudinal strips follow the grooves, tie him to the canvas and stretching. Struts: two 1200 mm long and 800 mm for two — make a 5-10 mm longer so that in case of an error when cutting paintings you can adjust their tension. The ends of the struts gash. Places of fastening of cross bar are determined after pre-Assembly of the serpent. Stick to them a special socket (Fig. 1, node A). The cross rail attach the coarse thread. However, this method is time consuming and not very convenient in cases where the launch site is far. You can try to develop a more simple and reliable fastening of the crossmember. If the serpent is supposed to frequently assemble and disassemble the struts to connect each other should not be.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1.
The rigidity of the frame provides four streamers of hemp twine twisted wire Ø 2-3 mm. They are wetted with water and stretched diagonally between the longitudinal rails.
Details of frame are painted with nitro.
Going snakes in the following way. The blue strip folded twice top and bottom of the fabric, insert inside the longitudinal strips and tie them to the paintings. Install the strut and transverse the long rail, then tie acryli pull and stretch, paying particular attention to the parallelism of the rails. The bridle attach to the longitudinal the front, facing acrylc on the opposite side of the bar cross strap (length is chosen empirically during testing; approximate dimensions are given in figure 1).
If the serpent conceived molded, stretched canvas for greater rigidity a good idea to cover special teams. This will make the fabric airtight and will improve the aerodynamics of the design.
Impregnation is carried out by mixtures in three stages. The first and second times (in weight parts): bone glue — 3, soap — 1, water — 3.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 2.
The flow of the first coating — 200 g/m2, the second — 40-60 g/m2. Third time: bone glue — 3, soap — 1, chalk (powder) and 1.5 — 2 parts. When three-layer coating of the canvas will be well stretched. Now snakes can be painted. Color select such that it was clearly visible against the sky. In particular, the surface facing the earth, it is better to make white or bright yellow, and the opposite of red.
The lifting force of the serpent is big, so to run it you need not one, but two or even three. You need to apply a thin nylon cord or hemp twine twisted wire Ø 3-4 mm.
Trial flights spend in a large open field away from tall trees and power lines.
Snakes can be used to deliver mail and small cargo across the wide river, and also in the game “Zarnitsa”.

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