EVEN IN THE KITCHEN, AT LEAST IN THE ROOMIf you ask the hostess almost any home that, in her opinion, the most important thing in the apartment, then the answer is likely to be one area. This is not surprising the kitchen is now used not only as a space for cooking (although this function is still important), but also as a dining room where Breakfast and dinner family members, and as a meeting place of close friends over a Cup of tea. And how well it is equipped with comfortable and practical furniture depends ultimately our mood.
Therefore, we continue to acquaint you with simple designs for kitchen. Today, a description of a simple table that allows you to use it, however, and in any other room.
Central to the kitchen is a table. Of course, you can buy it in the store, but a good practical kitchen options have recently become a large deficit; ordinary dining are unlikely to “fit” into the overall interior dimensions and finishing. Homemade table shown in the tab, designed specifically for the kitchen. With all amenities it will accommodate four people. And if necessary it can be used as an accessory during the reception at a family celebration or as a worker.
The table is made according to the traditional scheme: podstolya, consisting of four rings, legs and covers. The main material used is wood of coniferous breeds. It should be noted that all operations for the manufacture of the table is simple, just need to implement them slowly and very carefully. Appearance the finished product will depend not so much on the carpentry skill of the master, but from his efforts.
Kitchen table.
Kitchen table:
1 — cover (Reiki 22X50X810 mm, 13 PCs.), 2 — foot (timber 60X60X720 mm, 4 PCs.), 3 — cross side-bar (20X90X530 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — holder cover (20X30X56 mm, 14 PCs.), 5 — corner connector (15Х90Х150 mm, 4-piece), 6 — longitudinal drawer side (20Х90Х690 mm, 2 PCs.).
Better start working with the manufacture of the legs. For those choosing four well-dried timber with a cross section of 60X60 mm and a length of 720 mm. With one end of each blank are laid out in accordance with the drawings and selected by two of the rectangular groove for mating with tsargami. Sampling is carried out in two stages: preliminary drilling (a drill bit of appropriate diameter) and subsequent trimming of the walls with a chisel.
Making grooves in the legs.
Making grooves in the legs.
In the lower part of the leg of its cross-section decreases. To achieve the similar dimensions of all the parts of the table, we should not immediately filing them to the desired size, it is better to do it with a small allowance, and then completely handle the plane.
In the manufacture of rings it is desirable to use an electric woodworking tool, but can do without it, traditional ways: the spikes are to do with a hacksaw and chisels, and a longitudinal rectangular groove on the inner side, install the cap holders table to peck narrow, sharp pointed chisel (external semi-circular, purely decorative, the groove in the case of manual processing because of the complexity you can do).
Processing of spikes on cargo.
Treatment of spikes on cargo.
Cover typed from boards in the thickness of 18-25 mm. Since purchasing the boards of great width, especially in urban environments, is quite difficult, we recommend you to use the normal rail. They are interconnected using dowels with a diameter of 6-8 mm and a length of 20 mm. Small steps at the joints trim the plane.
Setting screeds underframes.
Installation screeds underframes.
Installation of cap holders table.
Install the cover holders table.
The build order table following. First, you need to connect on a carpenter’s glue legs with longitudinal cargame. Then installed the cross rails. During this operation it is necessary to control the values of the sizes of diagonals of the table supports. They should be the same. Only after that, mount the corner of the screed. The final stage of Assembly is to install the brackets and mount them to the lid with screws, the length of which is selected in accordance with the thickness of the slats.
The finished product, it is advisable to cover the transparent furniture varnish to highlight the texture of wood.
According to the magazine “Popular Mechanics” (USA)

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